The Moore American

August 13, 2013

What do children’s clothes say?

The Moore American

MOORE — We are so glad to be back. After a much-needed break and well-deserved vacation, we hope you are all as excited as we are to begin another school year.

We know the school year ended abruptly for a lot of people, and we hope this finds you well and on the road to getting back on your feet.

Many of you may need help purchasing school supplies, and there may be an even greater need this year due to the crazy weather our state endured. We suggest the United Way and many area churches. You also can try contacting your individual school because personnel should be returning soon.

Many stores are putting lots of supplies on sale, and the earlier you can get your hands on some of these things, the better. For those of you not affected by our spring weather, you might consider buying a few extra spiral notebooks, boxes of pencils, packages of paper, etc. This would greatly help out struggling teachers and students.

Since many of you are shopping for back to school clothing as well as supplies, we would like for you to ask yourself — parents of daughters — what exactly is your daughter advertises by the clothes she is wearing? Just because something is “in style” doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for school or fits the dress code.

Remember, there will be peers looking at your daughter, and you want the message sent to be the right one. Parents of sons , do you know where sagging originated and is it what you want your son to portray?

No one in the school should have to see his underwear no matter what brand it may be. The best rule to follow is not to buy anything until you check with your school district’s dress code.

With only a few weeks left until school begins, the entire family should be getting back into the routine of waking up in the morning. You can start gradually, but you definitely don’t want to wait until the night before the first day of class.

Please send us your questions. We look forward to writing this column and count on your questions in order to do so. Send them to questions.

Sally and Jenny are certified school counselors with more than 50 years combined educational experience. The responses don’t reflect the views of any certain school district.