The Moore American

March 7, 2012

A unique way of bringing lessons in light, love and healing

By Shana Adkisson
The Moore American

MOORE — It’s hard not to notice how happy Leslie Draper is with life. Her smile is so deep, you can see it in her eyes.

So what makes Leslie Draper so happy? According to her, she’s living her dream, her soul purpose in life: She’s an angel minister.

“My job is to teach people about angels and, by extension, God. I do that through classes, parties and one-on-one sessions,” Draper said. “It’s about being able to connect on the big decisions that you need to make or the big areas where you are needing guidance, and allowing and being able to hear that guidance.”

Draper, who has been an ordained minister since 2007, said that everyone has angels that are involved in their daily lives. She knows this, she said, because she can see them and converse with them.

“I don’t walk around open, way too much to take in. I can choose. Everybody has energy vibes. Those vibes can tell me this person is open to it or this person is not,” Draper said.

Being able to see and talk with angels has been an ability that Draper said that she’s had all her life.

“I thought everyone could see angels. When I was growing up, there were a lot of domestic violence issues in my house and I would see the angels there protecting me and my brother. I used to ask them to lift me up into the big tree so that the fighting would not come in to my room,” Draper said. “It wasn’t until I was in the third grade that I went to my Sunday school teacher and told her, ‘I can see angels.’ I thought it was going to be a much different conversation. I thought she would be like, ‘That is so awesome.’ She told me that they were not angels that they were bad demons and I could never tell anyone that I saw them. I was just terrified.”

It was then Draper said that she pretended that she could not see angels and it wasn’t until she was in her 20s that she reconnected with them.

“Something was missing. That big piece of my life was missing and you try to find something to fill it. That hole was my relationship with my angels. Then I got really sick,” Draper said.

At the age of 21, Draper was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At 29 she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. At 32, she tested positive for lupus.

“The doctor also told me the chemotherapy drugs that we were using to kill the autoimmune diseases were killing me. One more round, and bye, bye me,” Draper said. “I was driving home and I looked in the rearview mirror, and I’m looking at my daughters, and I thought if I don’t find a way out of this, I’m not going to watch them grow up. I have to find a way to heal. That’s when I decided to dedicate my life to heal and as I healed, I discovered my passion is to help other people.”

Draper said that at her worst point, she was blind in her left eye, used a walker, couldn’t drive and couldn’t take care of her children.

“I had no life. I had no quality of life. I am in an actual state of healing at all times. I don’t claim an illness. You won’t hear me say ‘I have MS.’ You will hear me say ‘I had MS.’ I don’t own it in my present life and therefore it can’t be in my life,” Draper said.

But all of the pain and suffering that Draper said she experienced was a necessary lesson for her to get to this point in her life.

“When someone calls me and says ‘I don’t know if I want to go on another day because the pain is so severe,’ I know exactly what they are talking about. When they tell me, ‘I can’t even hold my baby because I’m paralyzed on the left side of my body,’ I know that, too. I’ve had all of that at various times that I got to overcome and now I can take those experiences and help people,” Draper said. “There was a long time in my life, that I was truly convinced that God hated me because it was just one very serious illness after another. The illnesses were one thing, but the chronic pain that came with it was something else. I’ve had to relearn God and I had to relearn why I’m here. And there was a long time that I thought I was only here to suffer. Every single one of those steps was necessary, I don’t regret any of it. I would not take away a single day of it.”

Draper and her family moved to Norman from Texas in July. She started offering classes in January. For several years, she said that she didn’t feel she could be out in the open with her abilities. It wasn’t until she moved to Norman that she felt comfortable enough to offer healing and angel classes.

“It was really frustrating to have all of this in me and want to share it, but not know how,” Draper said.

Draper said before coming to Norman she mainly focused her efforts on Blog Talk Radio, where she had a show for a few years, and Facebook. Through those avenues, Draper said that she has attracted clients all over the world.

One client, a little closer to home, is Jan Astani who had a session with Draper earlier this year.

“She told me of my three angels, June, Robert and Anna, who have been with me since birth. Leslie’s reading was right on target with my chosen career path right now, and she started laughing when she turned over my teaching and learning card. While I never doubted that I was doing the right thing by following my love of speaking, training and writing and going out on my own, the angel confirmation was a wonderful feeling. Yes, there are skeptics out there who might not believe, and that’s OK,” said Astani, who left the corporate world of marketing, sales and real estate in late 2010 to the world of transformational speaking, training and writing.

The most meaningful part of Astani’s angel reading, she said, was when she asked Draper about her late father-in-law, a man Astani had never met.

“She confirmed that yes, he’s connected with me. However, she said he has a much stronger connection with my first-born son. When I heard that, tears came to my eyes as I told her that my first-born is named after both grandfathers. That was the most meaningful and powerful thing she shared with me that day,” Astani said.

One thing that Draper, who also calls herself a Lightworker, stresses is that she can’t violate a person’s free will.

“That means that if I’m getting an energy vibe from you and there is something you do not want me to know, I can’t. There is no way. I think that is a fear in people that if someone has an intuitive ability that they are going to be able to go in and know all of your secrets. Your soul’s free will is paramount,” Draper said.

Draper knows that some might doubt her abilities. To that she says, “Release in light and love.”

“The absolute greatest compliment I have ever been paid in my life, and it is one that I hold sacred. I was doing a session for a great woman, but you could just tell this was odd for her. She was not rude. I could tell that she was uneasy, and I can’t violate free will so I can’t go digging if someone doesn’t want me to. The next day, I get a phone call and her words were this, ‘I don’t know what that weird woman did to me yesterday, but I feel amazing,’” Draper said. “What I do and what the angels do doesn’t necessitate an understanding of how things work. All it necessitates is that you’re open to the process. Maybe it completely resonates with you and it blows your mind and you are forever changed, and that happens quite frequently. And maybe if it doesn’t, it just plants the seed that you are going to be able to grow down the line.”

For more information or to book a session or class with Draper, call (817)717-5672, 592-6435 or email her at Draper also has a website,