The Moore American

February 19, 2014

Second-grader struggles

The Moore American

MOORE — Q: My second-grader hates to read and, in fact, she doesn’t read well at all. We have recently moved to the Oklahoma City area and have heard people talking about a new state reading law. Can you give us any information?

— Newcomers

Dear Newcomers,

The Reading Sufficiency Act is a policy change that takes effect this year for third-graders. This law was created because children who do not read well struggle in all subjects.

Starting in kindergarten, students are given benchmark assessments to identify those who need intervention in reading. Parents are then notified in writing, and the school must develop a plan for those students.

Only children who score an unsatisfactory on the third-grade reading portion of the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests are at risk of being retained.

Literacy coaches have been made available to all school districts. Contact your child’s school for ideas and resources.

If you have questions, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Education website,

Please send questions to Sally and Jeannie are certified school counselors with more than 50 years combined educational experience. The responses don’t necessarily reflect the views of any school district.