The Moore American

September 18, 2013

Do twins need space?

The Moore American

MOORE — Q: Our twins have recently started middle school. Until now they have never had their classes together. This year they have two classes together. They get along just fine, but my wife and I are wondering if this is something we should try to avoid in the future.


Jay and Steph, Norman

A: This really is a question about what works best for your kids. For you, it might be more of a convenience to at least have them with some of the same teachers, because you’ll be running around like a chicken with your head cut off when it comes time for parent/teacher conferences. Sometimes as kids get older and claim their own identity, they don’t really like being in the same class with a sibling. Others get their strength from the comfort of being together. Have an ongoing conversation with your twins, because their feelings about this could change from year to year.

A: I have a son who has just entered eighth grade. I kept your article on The Oklahoma Promise Scholarship from last year knowing he would be eligible, but now I can’t find it. Could you please give me the information about that?

Appreciate your column,

Gary, Norman

Dear Gary,

The Oklahoma Promise scholarship was set up to help low and middle income families afford to send their kids to college. Applications must be submitted when the student is in eighth, ninth or 10th grades. Application is made online at promise.

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