The Moore American

June 18, 2013

Dancing dads and daughters

By Hannah Cruz
The Moore American

MOORE — Tiki torches, flower leis, pink plastic yard flamingos, poofy dresses and neckties set the scene for the City of Moore’s Daddy Daughter Dance Saturday night.

Held at Andy Alligator’s Fun Park, 3300 Market Place in Norman, the island-themed picnic area was packed with daughter-father couples taking spins on the dance floor.

Justin Weaver boogied to the music with his 7-year-old daughter, Brinlee.

“We just thought it would be a good bonding experience for us,” he said. “She likes to dance. She loves dancing and has been in dance for several years and now she’s in gymnastics. So we thought it would be fun.”

Though Brinlee’s favorite part of the night was the dancing, Moore Parks and Recreation Director Todd Jenson said guests also were able to pose for a photo with their date as well as receive Hawaiian leis, wristbands and refreshments.

Jenson said 100 tickets were pre-sold for the city’s third annual dance, but anticipated up to 400 guests. The event is usually held at the Moore Community Center, but because of May’s tornadoes the center was being used as an American Red Cross center until recently.

“Hopefully it helps the community get back into the swing of things and forget about the tornado at least for an evening and have some fun,” Jenson said about the dance.

Jenson said Moore holds the dance around Father’s Day, instead of Valentine’s Day like many cities, as a way to throw a party celebrating dads that both fathers and daughters can enjoy.

Casey Knowles, in attendance with his 8-year-old daughter Emily, went to the dance two years ago.

“It’s just something to do — father-daughter time,” he said. “I’ve got a son as well. I do stuff with him so its nice to have stuff to do that’s just daddy-daughter stuff.”