The Moore American

March 14, 2012

Real estate transactions

The Moore American

MOORE — Real estate transactions as recorded in the office of County Clerk Tammy Howard.

Lot 13, Block 3, Bel-Aire Addition, $168,000; Seller, J. M. and Jenny Longley, Buyer, James C. Legge.

Lot 18, Block 3, Cascade East, $300,840, Seller, Joshua Shea and Melinda Sue Howton, Buyer, Philip D. and Molly E. Wong.

Lot 15, Block 11, Westland Addition, $146,800, Seller, Sara F. Williams, Dale E. and Susan Williams Jr., Anita Gay Williams and Steven Mark Williams, Buyer, Deno J. and Mary Jane Argentos.

Lot 6A, Block 6, Northridge Industrial Park, $124,900, Seller, Houck Properties LLC., Buyer, Terry L. and Amy Bladow.

Lot 6, Block 16, Lake Ridge Addition, $312,500, Seller, Joseph Kent and Kelly Dee Cox.

Lot 12, Block 1, East Ridge Addition, $122,500, Seller, Andy Charles and Jennny Jackson Rosenfelt, Buyer, Rolando Castellanos Lopez.

SW Quarter, Section 33, T10N, R2W, $250,000, Seller, Ricky H. and Ruby Jean Barrett, Buyer, Mountain High Holdings.

Lot 25, Bock 2, Cambridge, $168,000, Seller, Philip D. and Molly E. Wong, Buyer, Madison Linn Stockwell.

Lots 25, 26, 27, Block 7, Southridge Addition, $412,500, Seller, Bobby R. and Alesha Ann Mroing, Buyer, Deborah A Kitchens and Jack E. Goddard.

Lot 16, Block 1, Brookhaven, $185,500, Seller, Ronald D. and Kathy M. Crabtree, Buyer, Daniele McDowell.

Lot 28, Block 2, Brookhaven Square, $145,000, Seller, Jant H. Olmstead, Buyer, James Tipken Properties LLC.

Lot 9, Block 1, Highland Hills, $290,000, Seller, Joseph R. and Suzanne L. Van Cooten, Buyer, Prudential Relocation Inc.

Lot 9, Block 1, Highland Hills, $290,000, Seller, Prudential Relocation Inc., Buyer, Stone Financing, LLC.

Lot 9, Block 1, Highland Hills, $286,650, Seller, Stone Financing, LLC., Buyer, Matthew K. and Sara W. Boyd.

Lot 1, Block 12, Hunters Place, $172,000, Seller, Stefan M. Rice, Buyer, Matthew Cossey.

Lot 6, Block 18, Lake Woods, $189,900, Seller, SAS Capital Investments LLC., Buyer, Loren M. and Samantha S. Keisling.

Lot 5, Block 3, Deerfield Addition, $149,801, Seller, Farzaneh Properties LLC., Buyer, Eugene V. Kullmann.

Lot 2, Block 9, Featherstone Addition, $126,796, Seller, Ideal Homes of Norman LP., Buyer, Seth A. and Whitnee M. Schwenn.

Lot 13, Block 4, Deerfield Addition, $145,897, Seller, Farzaneh Properties, LLC., Buyer Lynsey R. Lewis.

Lot 18, Block 19, Stone Meadows East, $109,000, Seller, Tommy Markand Jill Elizabeth Black, Buyer, Jerry L. Mayhle.

Lot 8, Block 2, Apple Valley, $139,000, Seller, Franklin and Elizabeth Nutter, by Attorney in Fact, Buyer, Jerry L. Mayhle.

Lot 8, Block 1, White Tail Crossings, $129,900, Seller, 2K Country Homes, LLC., Buyer, Eugene C. and Vickie L. McLaren.

Lot 3, Block 1, Ponderossa, $112,000, Seller, Jean Robinson, Buyer, D. Mark Hartless.

Lot 16, Block 1, Brookhaven Square, $193,750, Seller, Lettye Ann Duncan Revocable Trust, Buyer, William and Kela Lindsey.

Lot 26, Block 1, Alameda Park Addition, $135,950, Seller, Copperfield Construction, LLC., Buyer, Evon C. Siegel.

Lot 17, Block 7, Rock Creek, $211,950, Seller, Mashburn-Faires Homes LLC., Buyer, Shaun A. and Alicia L. Cosby.

Lot 11, Block 5, Royal Oaks Addition, $144,900, Seller, Paul A. and Raquel Maciel-De Dye, Buyer, Joseph P. Pinkerton.

Lot 12, Adkins Crossing, $200,000, Seller, Surely Constructino LLC., Buyer, Lawrence J. Gruszka Jr.,

Lot 1, Block 4, Oakridge Addition, $275,000, Seller, Nickolas L. and Mimi W. Harm, Buyer, Demarco Properties, LLC.

SE Quarter, Section 32, T8N, R1W, Parts of Section 16, T7N, R1W, Parts of Section 21, T7N, R1W, Garee Addition, $175,500, Seller, Nolan and Jo Nell Grissom Revocable Trust, Buyer, Russell J. and Tamara L. Grissom Living Trust.

Lot 2, Block 1, Grandview Estates North, $336,000, Seller, Physicians Relocation Service, Inc., Buyer, Richard J. Langerman Revocable Trust.

Lot 27, Block 17, Stone Meados South, $168,000, Seller, Kevin A. and Wendi Morse, Buyer, Mark L. and Heather R. Sessing.

Lot 6, Block 6, Mayfield Addition, $130,000, Seller, Justin Tayor Musgrove, Buyer, Edward Grady Goodpasture.

Lot 2, Block 18, Lake Ridge, $450,000, Seller, Deborah F. Campbell Revocable Trust, Seller, Christopher T. and Brandi L. Travis.

Lots 13 and 14, Block 5, Eastland Park Addition, $110,000, Seller, Marianne Kennedy, Buyer, Edward Grady Goodpasture.

Lot 73, Block 1, Northridge Addition, $142,500, Seller, Maie Roth Trust, Buyer, William P. Thomas.

Lot 2, Block 6, $144,000, Seller, Steven T. Fields, Buyer, Chris Pearson.

Lot 10, Block 1, Apple Valley, $134,000, Seller, Tamara R. Meier, Buyer, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. and Financial Concepts Mortage, LLC., Edmond.

Lot 20, Block 3, Pennsylvania South, $178,000, Seller, Jayne E. Vandaveer Trust, Buyer, John H. Dailey Jr.

Lot 18, Block 1, Twin Lakes Addition, $345,000, Seller, William J. and Robin Vanhook and Elaine K. Vanhook, Buyer, Scott M. and Amanda B. Carpenter.

Lot 3, Block 4, Deerfield Addition, $120,000, Seller, Donald R. Arrowood III and Koree Clanton-Arrowood, Buyer, Michael A. Troche.

Lot 6, Block 21, Rivendell, $400,000, Seller, Lance D. and Sherry M. Williams, Buyer, Todd Q. and Thao T. Trieu.

Lot 17, Block 11, Lake Woods, $183,000, Seller, Shannon D. and Andra D. Speerbrecher, Buyer, Jeffrey and Emily L. Courts.

Lot 11A, Block 3, Highland Village Addition, $233,900, Seller, Joshua Z. Su, and Kathy Suyan Dai.

Lot 11, Block 2, Sonoma Park, $125,000, Seller, Mike and Marie E. Jackson, Buyer, Otto Allen and Dorothy Flowers.

Lot 24, Block 1, Sunnydale Addition, $117,000, Seller, Brian Lee and Lisa Marie Ball, Buyer, David Michael Arsenault Jr.

Lot 7, Block 11, Lake Woods, $186,000, Seller, Michael L. and Robin N. Vaughn, Buyer, Clark F. Tillis.

Parts of Section 36, T9N, R1W, $107,000, Seller, Larry J. Bowen, Buyer, Larry D. and Tiffany D. Denny.

Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 2, Wellington Lake Addition, $240,000, Seller, Jack E. McAlister Revocable Living Trust, Buyer, Holbrook-Cherokee Investments.

NE Quarter, Section 20, T10N, R3W, $2,200,000, Seller, Carmelite Sisters Of St. Therese of the Infant Jesus, Buyer, Shaz Investment Group, LLC.

Lot 33, Block 14, Apple Valley, $135,000, Seller, Colony Homes LLC., Buyer, Gerald Fred and Pamela May Shepherd.

Lots 5 and 6, Block 1, Trails Court Addition, $275,000, Seller, Craig Reynolds, Buyer, Alexander K. and Brooke C. Benton.

Lot 17, Block 3, Castlerock Addition, $172,500, Seller, Scott and Margaret Hurt Family, Buyer, Joshua and Holly Huinn.

Lot 4, Block 5, Eagle Cliff South Addition, $157,000, Seller, Cody M. and Angela Knight, Buyer, Patrick A. and Brittany N. Turner.

Lot 1, Block 2, Rollling Meadows Addition, $149,000, Seller, Seth and Rhiannon Rexilius, Buyer, Josh A. Gilkeson.

Lot 9, Block 5, Pepperwell Oaks, $296,681, Seller, 4 Corners Construction, LLC., Buyer, Jerimiah and Jennifer Russian.

Lot 12, Block 1, Berkeley Addition, $173,500, Antrim Properties LLC., Buyer, Kathryn E. Bauernschmitt.

Lot 11, Block 5, Rock Creek Estates, $285,000, Seller, Brian K. and Lori D. Fitzgerald, Buyer, Brooklyn L. Webb-Gregory and Aaron G. Gregory Jr.

Lot 5, Block 4, Summit Lakes Addition, $214,900, seller, Luke D. and Angela Haney, Buyer, Kelly and Melissa J. Collyar.

Lot 41, Block 29, Stone Meadows East, $146,000, Seller, Larry D. Wells, Buyer, Leslie D. Reichert.

Lot 12, Blcok 6, The Falls, $205,000, Seller, Charles B. and Jaden M. Frost, Buyer, Jaden M. Duffield.

Lot 4, Block 2, Sonoma Park, $126,900, Seller, James W. and Amber Siegel, Buyer, Nathan A. and Micci L. Underwood.

Lot 5, Block 1, Deerfield Addition, $125,000, Federal National Mortgage Association, Buyer, Parker J. Pilkingrton.

Lots 24, 2, 26, and 27, Block 2, Classen-Miller Addition, $130,000, Seller, Susan L. Conklin, Buyer, Richard L. Simpson, Buyer, Richard E. and Lee P. Hall.

Lot 9, Block 5, Brookhaven, $138,000, Seller, Sonata Construction Co. Inc., Buyer, Michael J. Corrales.

Lot 23, Block 1, Colonial Estates, $115,500, Seller, Chung Wei Wu and Yen Chen Weng, Buyer, Gary Duane and Juana Isabel Chancellor.

Lot 22, Block 1, Carrington Place Addition, $535,000, Seller, Curtis A. and Jennifer S. McCarty, Buyer, Scott and Laura Kadechuk.

Lot 2, Windriver Addition, $133,500, Seller, Mark A. and Autumn N. Ledbetter, Buyer, Paul Michael and Crystal Nicole Grandstaff.

Lot 8, Block 2, Rio Toscano, $204,900, Seller, Harvest Homes Properties, LLC., Buyer, Harry Edward and Roberta Diane Nichols.

Lot 6, Block 5, Turtle Lake, $312,000, Seller, Scott D. and Michelle S. Sarrington, Buyer, Luke D. and Angela M. Haney.

Lot 11, Block 3, Crossroads West, $124,500, Seller, Federal National Mortgage Association, Buyer, Melanie K. Grodecki.

Lot 7A, 8A, 9, Block 2, Wildwood Hills Estates, $435,000, Seller, A. W. and Treva McGinnas, Buyer, Jack Randyand Leslie L. Porterfield.

Lot 10, Block 2, Brookhaven On Main, $114,000, Seller, Dradley Drake Burrage, Buyer Leigh M. McDonald.

Lot 15, Block 1, Belmar North, $237,745, Seller, Sooner Traditions, LLC., Buyer, Allen D. and Lisa R. Burke.

Lot 6, Block 6, Pepperwell Oaks, $257,935, 4 Corners Construction, LLC., Buyer, Mark A. and Autumn N. Ledbetter.

Lot 27, Block 5, Ramblin Oaks, $121,900, Seller, Waterman Revocable Trust, Buyer, William C. Cantrell.

Lot 8, Block 1, Bryant Place, $140,000, Seller, 89th and Bryant LLC., Buyer, Douglas D. and Jamie J. Kinsley.

Lot 11, Block 2, Foxmor Estates, $296,113, Seller, Craftmanship Homes Inc., Buyer, Stephen W. and Amber Y. Culbert.

Lot 4, Block 18, Shadowlake Village, $120,000, Seller, Kevin D. and Janet Gail Moran, Buyer, Charles A. Taber.

Lot 15, Block 1, Greenbriar Kingspark, $129,900, Seller, LaVett M. Whitehead, James Richard and Becky Good, and Doyle Wayne and Linda Good, Buyer, Rondal L. and Valda C. Killgore.

Lot 15, Block 1, Blue Lakes East, $115,000, Seller, Glen Edward Lea II, Buyer, Daniel C. Lea

Lot 2, Block 8, Prairie Creek Addition, $121,000, Seller, Mina Eskandari Fard, Buyer, Leonides Covarrubias.

Parts of Section 24, T10N, R1W, $217,500, Seller, Tracy Jack and Leah Welchel, Buyer, Jonathan T. Hurd.

Lot 6, Block 2, Rio De Bella Addition, $357,000, Seller, DTM Custom Homes, LLC., Buyer, David J. and Ellen N. Avery.

Lot 11, Block 6, Alameda Park Addition, $120,000, Seller, Carolyn K. Gilbreth, Buyer, Jennifer Lee Brown and Kylie M. Brown.

Lot 51, Block 15, J.D. Estates, $101,500, Seller, Alton E. and Dianna S. Hamman, Buyer, Andrew Fortune.

Lot 1, Block 2, Southern Shores Addition, $280,000, Seller, William Ty and Kela G. Lindsey, Buyer, Jeffry E. and Kristi D. Brown.

Lot 17, Block 14, Blue Stem Ridge Addition, $155,000, Seller, Jason J. and Nicole Carr and Darla Carr, Buyer, Anthony Dewayne and Michael Mary Ann Allford.

Lot 9, Block 15, Oakhurst Addition, $112,900, Seller, Taner M. and Kathryn E. Johnson, Buyer, Tabitha Christie.

Lot 17, Block 1, Royal Oaks Addition, $170,500, Seller, Andrew A. and Jessica K. Taylor, Buyer, Prudential Relocation, Inc.

Lot 17, Block 1, Royal Oaks Addition, $170,500, Seller, Prudential Relocation, Inc., Buyer, Lot 17, Block 1, Royal Oaks Addition, $170,500, Seller, Stone Financing, LLC.

Lot 17, Block 1, Royal Oaks Addition, $170,500, Seller, Stone Financing, LLC., Buyer, Tara Lisbeth White.

Lot 10, Block 4, Cascade East, $299,900, Seller, James C. and Brady M. Reese, Buyer, Douglas G. and Susan M. Taylor.

Lot 42, Block 5, Villas At Cascata Lakes, $219,900, Seller, J. W. Mashburn Development Inc., Buyer, Stacia R. Franks.