The Moore American

December 11, 2013

Counselor can help

The Moore American

MOORE — I know I should feel comfortable talking to my child’s counselor, but I am afraid that if I tell her something, she will tell everyone in the school who knows my child. Can you offer any words of wisdom on how I should handle this? There are several things I would like her to be watching for concerning my child, but I am reluctant to share this information.

Name Withheld

If you are telling a counselor something that you do not want shared, simply asking him/her not to repeat this information should ethically ease your mind. Please realize, however, if there are issues which need the attention of administrators or specific teachers, your child’s counselor should be free from restrictions in order to best serve your student. There are times where school personnel will consult with others for expertise or wisdom when the situation arises. Please also understand that all students have the same right as you do. School counselors don’t have to divulge any information to a student’s parent unless there is fear of harm to themselves or someone else. These students need to know they have a safe, non-judgmental place to go when they need to vent or just simply need someone to listen to them. There also are licensed practical counselors available in every community if you aren’t comfortable with school personnel.

I am not able to provide much for my two children for Christmas. It is not their fault that I have gotten myself in the situation I am in. Can you tell me of anyone that can help me so that they will have at least something for Christmas?

Peg, Moore

Dear Peg,

Thanks for realizing that kids sometimes get short end of the stick because of us adults. Our first suggestion would be to call your children’s school counselors as soon as possible. Programs are in place in most schools to help families in positions such as yours. They are in contact with community members and associations who offer assistance. We also would encourage you to call your church or a church near your home. The United Way also is a good resource. They can tell you about the many programs they support. We wish you luck and hope this new year brings many positive changes to your lives.

Please send questions to Sally and Jeannie are certified school counselors with more than 50 years combined educational experience. Jeannie has two children, Sally three. The responses presented don’t necessarily reflect the views of any certain school district.