The Moore American

May 21, 2013

We salute troops and veterans

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — For those who fought in wars both won and lost;

For those who paid the supreme cost;

You may wonder does anyone care that you died for future generations of Americans?

Trust us when we say it’s true; with humble hearts we remember you.

Your grave may hold an “unknown” marker but what

You did stands monuments tall.

For a solider to give the ultimate price; such love such

Unselfish sacrifice;

On this Memorial Day we remember you.

With heartfelt thanks we shed a tear and with pride

We salute you both far and near.

Please know on this day that millions pause to say

Thanks for giving us America — The USA.

From sunup to sundown bugles will play;

As we take the time to remember you today.

Thank you for dying to allow us our freedom.

You are not forgotten.