The Moore American

September 25, 2013

Norman general manager receives national recognition

American Staff
The Moore American

MOORE — Neil Stringfellow, general manager of the Red Lobster in Norman, has been presented with the company’s People Developer Award. A Red Lobster veteran of 23 years, he is one of four out of more than 700 general managers selected to receive the award this year, making this a truly exclusive honor.

Presented annually, this award recognizes general managers who have consistently displayed a passion for helping Red Lobster managers and team members grow within the company, while serving as a mentor to their peers and management team.

In addition, honorees are recognized for embodying Red Lobster’s core values, such as treating everyone with dignity and respect, and being committed to training and developing team members.

Stringfellow’s path toward People Developer success started last year, when he set a goal to develop talent at a faster pace. As a result of his commitment, eight of his team members have been promoted to management positions — and he hopes that is only the beginning of his team’s success.

“Neil is a highly valued general manager and truly deserving of the People Developer award,” said Tom Nadel, regional vice president of Red Lobster. “He puts a tremendous amount of effort into the development and growth of his managers and team members. Neil’s passion to see his people succeed has played a key role in helping the Norman Red Lobster be a restaurant where guests can count on receiving a delicious meal and warm, friendly service.”

Stringfellow said that he’s honored to receive Red Lobster’s People Developer Award.

“I believe that it’s important to always lead by example, communicate and have a positive attitude in order to create the best possible work environment. I try to always seek feedback from my team, so that I value their opinions and they know they are a part of the restaurant’s continued success.”