The Moore American

March 12, 2014

Heavenly travels are the best

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — Everyone has their preferred method of travel. My sister, Irene, prefers airplanes. My sister, Rosemary, enjoys the airplane but also likes the train. My husband and I prefer to travel by car.

Our brother, Kasey, usually travels by car. That’s pretty surprising, because as far back as we can remember; he has always loved trains.

Our grandfather traveled by train and entertained us with stories of his “spectacular views,” the interesting people he met on the train and the wonderful experiences he had as he traveled.

My brother has entered his retirement years and is presently taking his first train ride. My sister, Rosemary, is traveling with him. They are going from Milwaukee, Wis., to Seattle, Wash., to visit my niece.

Just a few days before they were scheduled to leave they learned that the train was unable to pass through the area hit by the avalanche. In order to get through, they have to leave the train; board a bus and ride for three hours in order to get around the avalanche. Not a huge deal, but it’s a monkey wrench they weren’t expecting.

Early this morning we received a text. The train was stopped, 80 to 90 mile per hour winds prohibited the train from traveling further. The only solution was to wait out the high winds so they could continue.

The winds finally died down and they were on their way only to be notified there was another avalanche. We are waiting to see how long the delay will be and what method they will use to get around the unexpected mishap.

Earthly travel can be precarious, at best. Rain, snow, ice, tornados and floods, can all affect most any type of travel available today.

Just think how glorious that special day will be when we all travel up to Heaven. There won’t be any traffic jams; and there won’t be delays because of the weather. Millions of people will simply leave this earth headed for their Heavenly Home.

Only God could orchestrate such a spectacular event within a blink of eye. That’s what the Bible tells us it will be – a blink of an eye and we’ll all be gone.

So in the long run, I guess we all should change our preferred method of travel to air – provided by the Father, because it is the supreme way to travel to our Heavenly destination.