The Moore American

March 11, 2014

Rodriguez attorney warns of false fundraising websites

By Michael Kinney
The Moore American

MOORE — More than three weeks after the death of Luis Rodriguez, family members are having to deal with another problem, according to their lawyer.

Websites are popping up asking for money to help the Rodriguez family. However, attorney Michael Brooks-Jime’nez said none have been authorized by the family.

“People need to be careful,” Brooks-Jime’nez said. “There are some bandit sites that are soliciting donations that really are related to the family and as far as we know aren’t committed to passing those funds on to the family.”

The Rodriguez family and their attorney are in the midst of setting up an official website for those wishing to donate and to keep people informed. But those looking to donate to the Rodriguez family can call the Michael Brooks-Jime’nez Law firm in Oklahoma City and they will direct people to right location.

“We’ve been very moved that there are people, especially in the Latino community, people from other communities as well, that have been moved to donate a little money,” Brooks-Jime’nez said. “Most people may not know but Mr. Rodriguez was the only breadwinner in the home. So these past couple of weeks have been very difficult for Mrs. Rodriguez (Nair) and her daughter emotionally, but at the same time the economic realities are about to set in. We are trying to do what we can to try and help the family.”

Luis Rodriguez was at the Warren Theatre in Moore when an argument broke out between Nair and his daughter, Lunahi Rodriguez. Members of the Moore Police Department and theater security interceded.

After an altercation, the officers called for the EMS, who were already on scene due to a previous incident. Luis was taken to the hospital less than a block away, which is where he died, according to MPD.

The case was handed over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. However, the Rodriguez’s are still trying to see evidence that has been collected. That includes the security tape from the Warren Theatre parking lot.

“At this point, we faxed a formal request yesterday and the response from the Moore city attorney was the same,” Brooks-Jime’nez said. “They will not release it because they say there is potential that it could interfere with the OSBI investigation. We submitted a response to that asking how would it affect the investigation. They didn’t respond to that.”

Because the OSBI investigation is ongoing, they haven’t been able to give a comment, according to Brooks-Jime’nez.

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