The Moore American

March 19, 2014

His power never goes out

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — It’s spring break and with it we’ve been given a taste of the upcoming storm season. On Sunday, when we were in a warehouse-type store, the wind howled and knocked out the electricity.

The emergency generators came on quickly, but it made all of the computers go off and everything had to be rescanned at the check stands.

The next stop we made the clerks were hard at work trying to get their computers to come back up. They were a small shop and didn’t have an emergency generator.

As dust swirled around us on the way to the car, we fought against the wind and sought the refuge of the sturdy metal.

That didn’t last long.  The wind blew against our small car and howled through the cracks creating a loud whistle. The Weather Channel reported the winds as being 40 to 45 miles per hour. Not the strongest winds we’ve ever encountered, but strong enough to take notice of the power it holds.

We came to the conclusion that indeed, Oklahoma is a good location for the wind-power fields; those huge white blades that turn, creating energy.

I’m so glad our Power Source never has to worry about the strong winds, rain, sleet or snow.  He doesn’t have to worry about interruptions because He is the One in control. He’s never overwhelmed and never too busy to help us when we need Him.

When you think about it, He is our Power Source and Surge Protector all wrapped into one! Bottom line — He’s got us covered.  What a great thing to remember as the dark clouds rise and the storms roll.