The Moore American

April 9, 2013

Moore student in serious condition after accident

By Caitlin Schudalla
The Moore American

MOORE — A 13-year-old boy from Highland East Junior High School in Moore is in serious condition following a school bus-related head injury.

According to Moore Police Department spokesman Jeremy Lewis, the student sustained the injury after jumping onto the exterior of the school bus and hanging onto an open window at the encouragement of fellow students still on the bus.

“He exited the bus at his stop and then jumped on to the outside. The driver of the bus was unaware of what was going on and drove away with the student hanging on for approximately two blocks.

“The students on the bus began yelling to alert the driver to what was going on, and it’s unclear as to whether the young man fell off as the bus was stopping or was thrown as a result of the bus’s stop,” Lewis said.

The student sustained the injury to his head when he fell and was transported to OU Medical Center in serious condition.

Lewis said an investigation is under way.