The Moore American

November 5, 2013

God’s line is never busy

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — Just turn on the television on any given day and you can opt to watch a crime-solving show. Some capture your interest, while others use worn out scenarios and it is great to catch one that you have to work at solving.

One thing is the same; the criminal gets one phone call when they are arrested. That got me thinking. What if someone I knew had been arrested? Would they be able to reach me?

Although I carry my cell phone with me, it is usually in my purse. Half the time I don’t hear it ring because it falls to the bottom and the sound is muffled.

To top it off, the voicemail on my new phone hasn’t been set up yet, so there’s no way to leave me a message.

We have a landline. It is connected to our cable. My clever husband figured out how to display the phone calls on the television so you don’t even have to look at the caller ID to see who is on the line. And to make things better, he disabled the ringer so it wouldn’t bother us during dinner.

The only problem with that is when calls come in during the night on the landline; we have no way of hearing or viewing the information. So basically, it is like not having a landline at all.

So then your mind wanders … what if I had been arrested. I depend on my cell phone so much for the voice-activated dialer or the favorite contacts list that I honestly no longer know anyone’s phone number.

If I had to use a regular phone to dial my husband, my son or my sisters, I wouldn’t have a clue what numbers to select. (Most of them have new cell phones, too.)

To help offset this issue, I have written down my husband’s cell phone number (and my own cell phone number) and placed them in my wallet just in case they are needed.

It appears this modern age has turned us into such technological-dependent creatures that we can barely exist without them.

Fortunately, one thing hasn’t changed. We know someone who is easy to reach, always there, and it doesn’t matter if we whisper, cry, call out loudly, are in a tunnel where no cell phone could even possibly begin to have reception; in the middle of the desert or ocean, in a foreign land or right in our own backyard.

Day or night, God is always there listening for our call. No fancy pretense, just call for help and He responds immediately. His line is never busy, and we don’t have to worry that He will go on overload because so many people are calling Him for help at the same time. Because He is God. And that’s just what He does. He takes care of us all.

An advanced system the world has yet to offer and never will. But thankfully, it is ours if we simply take the time to contact Him. Totally awesome.