The Moore American

October 10, 2012

cleveland county real estate transactions

— American Staff
The Moore American

MOORE — Real estate transactions as recorded in the office of County Clerk Tammy Howard.

Lot 3, Block 3, East Ridge Addition, $122,500. Seller, Kevin and Jenna Lutz. Buyer, David and Sarah Hille.

Lot 3, Block 5, College Manor Addition, $150,000. Seller, Susan Gregory. Buyer, Owen and Shannon Gwin.

Lot 3, Block 28, Greenbriar East Lake Estates, $107,000. Seller, Brenda Webb. Buyer, Jeffrey Goodson.

Lot 18, Block 1, Kingscreek Estates, $220,000. Seller, Pepper and Donna Mackey. Buyer, Jeremy and Rachel Stark.

Lot 10, Block 1, Apple Gardens, $128,000. Seller, James and Hulya Adams. Buyer, David and Elissa Crouch.

Lot 5, Indian Hills Estates, $237,500. Seller, Anna Lies. Buyer, Thomas Spicuzza and Jane Deviney.

Lot 2, Block 1, Carrington Place, $350,000. Seller, Robert and Jennifer Christian. Buyer, Kelly and Shandy Nemecek.

Lot 18, Block 3, Blue Stem Ridge, $140,000. Seller, Jason Gudgel. Buyer, Don and La Rue Stephens.

Lot 33, Block 1, Hidden Lake, $260,000. Seller, Don and La Rue Stephens. Buyer, Justin and Lisa Stacey.

Lot 18, Block 11, Ranchwood Villas, $105,000. Seller, Cody and Alina Parson. Buyer, Kenneth Durham.

Lot 10A, Block 1, Highland Hills, $480,000. Seller, Curt LeRoy Massengale. Buyer, James and Amy Gardner.

Lot 8, Block 23, Williamson Farms, $215,900. Seller, Vesta Homes Inc. Buyer, William Griebel.

Lot 2A, Block 43, Southwinds, $115,000. Seller, Jeff and Michelle Butler. Buyer, Megan Schmidt.

Lot 7, 8, 9 and 10, Block 1, Skylane Industrial, $966,500. Seller, Keith-MHP Three. Buyer, Stonetown Sunnylane.

Lot 1 and 2, Block 1, Brookhaven Square, $341,800. Seller, Fannie Mae. Buyer, Shirley Hammer.

Lot 38, Block 2, Canadian Trails, $239,900. Seller, James and Chrma Taylor. Buyer, Smith Carolyn A Revocable Trust.

Lot 7, Block 4, Sutton Place, $240,000. Seller, Travis and Kelly Wilson. Buyer, Zachary and Rebecca Oubre.

Lot 28, Block 2, Oakhurst, $124,900. Seller, David Gastgeb. Buyer, Daniel Hoffstatter.

Lot 7, Block 25 Williamson Farms, $225,550. Seller, Marquis Homes Inc. Buyer, Kyle and Nikki Melugin.

Lot 6, Block 2, Meadow Run, $159,900. Seller, Christopher Kluever. Buyer, Vontrell and Stephanie Williford.

Lot 1, Block 2, Red Canyon Ranch, $219,862. Seller, Ideal Homes of Norman. Buyer, Bubby and Jillian Cooper.

Lot 12, Block 6, Park Place, $163,047. Seller, Colony Homes LLC. Buyer, Marc and Betty Durrin.

Lot 7, Block 5, Eagle Cliff South, $140,810. Seller, Farzeneh Properties LLC. buyer, Darci Beaver.

Lot 9, Block 1, Willows Addition, $490,000. Seller, Canterra Homes LLC. Buyer, Lous and Shela Colon.

Lot 9, Block 17, The Legacy, $252,500. Seller, Harper Construction Inc. Buyer, Antonio and Fabiola Zuniga.

Lot 5, Block 6, Deerfield Addition, $145,000. Seller, Farzaneh Properties LLC. Buyer, Larry Campbell and Sandra Cannon.

Lot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Block 2, St. James Park, $247,200. Seller, St. James Park LLC. Buyer, HBT JYC LLC.

Lot 11, Block 7, Briarwood Creek, $139,900. Seller, Daniel and Katherine Nicksic. Buyer, Billy and Maria Kyser.

Lot 9, Block 22, Williamson Farmsm, $215,900. Seller, Katleron Consturctions Inc. Buyer, Lindsay Brocks.

Lot 16, Block 7, Kensington Place, $129,500. Seller, Nathan Gardner. Buyer, Joseph Sveum.

Lot 17, Block 2, Quail Ridge, $125,500. Seller, George and Rose Rogers. Buyer, Thomas and Tammy Foley.

Lot 16, Block 1, Greenbriar Kingswood, $255,000. Seller, Gwinn Marcy L. Living Trust. BUyer, Sumbal Nabi.

Lot 15, 16 and 17, Block 4, Berkeley Addition, $178,000. Seller, Virjamna Lassiter. Buyer, Alice Harrell.

Lot 9, Block 2, Deerfield Addition, $138,000. Seller, Secrest Patricia A. Revocable Living Trust. Buyer, Daniel Romo and Jose and Socorro Romo.

Lot 12, Block 18, Brookwood Village, $195,000. Seller, Punches Living Trust. Buyer, Ronald and Sherry Remy.

Lot 2, Anatole Addition, $550,000. Seller, Azea Investments Inc. Buyer, REDROOF LLC.

Lot 17, Block 4, Deerfield Addition, $134,900. Seller, Apple Construction LLC. Buyer, Jeremy Bone.

Lot 1, Block 31, Country Place, $211,323. Seller, Ideal Homes Of Norman. Buyer, David and Cara Welliver.

Lot 1, Block 1, Riverwalk Commercial Park, $3,000,000. Seller, PREC-TGM LLC. Buyer, LIfe Convenant Church Inc.

Lot 4, Block 8, Meadow Lake, $145,900. Seller, Troy and Amanda Templeton. Buyer, Jared and Mary Desellier.

Lot 6, Block 18, Stone Meadows, $124,000. Seller, Matthew and Leslie Brady. buyer, Chaney William R. Family Trust.

Lot 23, Block 20, Rivendell, $239,999. Seller, Larry and Debra Thompson. Buyer, Shane and Erika Rutledge.

Lot 22, Block 14, Lake Woods, $193,000. Seller, James and Pamela Hodges. Buyer, Garold Miller.

Lot 7, Block 4, St. James Park, $243,900. Seller, Builders Association of South Central Ok Inc. Buyer, Wesley and Jennifer Hubert.

Lot 5, Block 1, Deerfield Addition, $185,000. Seller, Jamie and Diana Lluch. Buyer, Kristin Livingston.

Lot 5, Block 9, Cherry Creek, $179,000. Seller, Porter Renee C. Revocable Trust. Buyer, Catina Hughes and Robby Nunn.

Lot 8, Block 1, Silver Leaf Manor, $103,000. Seller, Jason and Jamie Spoonemore. Buyer, Glenda Prieto.

Lot 12, Block 5, Colonial Estates South, $125,000. Seller, Keith and Carmella Morren. Buyer, Monireh Mohamadi.

Lot 16, Block 5, St. James Park, $213,000. Seller, Erin Elizabeth Miller. Buyer, Joseph Dulin and Bonnie Pitblado.