The Moore American

March 27, 2013

A look at Jerusalem during Holy Week

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — Imagine what it was like for those living in Jerusalem during Holy Week. First they cheered Jesus as He sat upon a donkey as the crowds cried “Hosanna.”

Then on Maundy Thursday, Jesus washed His disciple’s feet, dined with them and asked several to walk to the garden to pray. There his beloved disciples fell asleep instead of praying with Him.

A short time later, Judas, one of his disciples, betrays Him for 30 pieces of silver. While the Roman soldiers apprehend Jesus, Peter cuts off the ear of one of the soldiers. Instead of being proud of His disciples for defending Him, He picks up the ear and places it back on the soldier’s head. The only evidence that the ear was cut off is the blood stains on his clothing. Another miracle, done in the midst of the darkest moment in the life of Jesus. What tremendous love.

Next the chief priests hold a secret trial for Jesus in the middle of the night. Then, realizing what they have done, afraid, they pass Jesus off to Pilate. Pilate gives in to the crowd and the rest is history.

On Good Friday, they hang Jesus on the cross.

But fortunately for us, it doesn’t end there. Three days later, Jesus takes control. He fights death, hell and the grave and rises from the dead.

He is victorious. The most horrible week in history ends in the most spectacular way: Jesus lives forever.