The Moore American

November 14, 2012

County approved contracts, disposal of surplus items

By Jessica Bruha
The Moore American

MOORE — The Cleveland County Board of Commissioners approved several contracts and disposed of surplus items Tuesday morning.

Sitting in for commissioners Rusty Sullivan of District 3 and George Skinner of District 2 were foremen Richey Fink for Sullivan and Paul Meyer for Skinner.

The commissioners were unable to make the meeting because of personal reasons.

The board approved the disposal and donation of about 200 books that were surplus from the District Attorney’s law library. It also approved the “disposal” of equipment that had been sold in District 2.

The equipment items were taken off of the inventory list and then put back on, County Clerk Tammy Belinson said. They later realized the items had been sold at auction so the agenda item was strictly for clerical work, she said.

The items included a tool box, chainsaw, Dynapac Roller and a trailer tank.

In other business, Belinson, the former Tammy Howard, was appointed as requesting officer on all Cleveland County Clerk Accounts and all Excise/Equalization Board Accounts. The appointment had to be made because she recently wasa married and changed her last name.

The board also approved several contracts during the meeting including:

· A copier maintenance agreement between the Cleveland County Health Department and Sooner Copy Machines Inc. for two copiers effective until June 30, 2013. The health department will pay $0.0075 per black and white copy. The copiers will replace older ones.

· A lease agreement between the Cleveland County Health Department and De Lage Landen Financial Services Inc. for the copiers. The health department will pay a monthly lease payment of $328 for the two copiers effective through Nov. 30, 2013.

· A contract between Cleveland County Board of County Commissioners on behalf of the health department and Terminix for service at the Norman and Moore locations in the amount of $125 per service/quarterly effective until June 30, 2012.

· The renewal of a service contract between the Cleveland County Assessor and Formax on a folder/sealer machine for one year at a cost of $822. Last year, the cost was $798. The contract is effective through Dec. 18, 2013.

Other agenda items included the appointment of Jacob McHughes as alternate to the ACOG Intermodal Transportation Technical Committee and monthly reports of several county officers for October 2012.

Sheriff Joe Lester also gave the jail report. To date, there are 421 prisoners in the F. DeWayne Beggs Dentention Center, 88 of which are waiting to be transported by the Department of Corrections.

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