The Moore American

October 9, 2013

Words about God fail us

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — Words. Those everyday ordinary adjectives, nouns and pronouns we use to communicate what we see and feel.

Sunset: Magnificent. The perfect rose: glorious. Red, gold and orange autumn leaves: splendid.

Snow capped mountains: majestic. A 6-month-old baby giggling: joyous. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies: glittering. Lightning covering the entire sky: electrifying. 

A field of sunflowers: brilliant. A rainbow: glorious. A great football game: energizing. A great baseball game: relaxing. Orchestra music: peaceful.

Cinderella’s glass slipper: enchanting. A bride on her wedding day: radiant. A whale frolicking in the water: stunning. A peacock showing its feathers: elegant.

The Statue of Liberty: stately. A castle: opulent. White-foamed waves crashing to the shore: transcending. A bright red cardinal against a snow-covered lawn: grandiose.

Ice cream on a hot day: sumptuous. Brilliant stars scattered across a midnight sky: arresting. A long bird in flight as the sun sets on the water: outstanding.

Most of the words above are synonyms for the word ‘magnificent.’

When we think of words to describe Our Heavenly Father, magnificent is a great place to start. Who else could be everything we ever wanted, all we ever hoped for and all we will ever need?

Who else is always there with a listening ear every time we call upon Him? Who else freely gives us all things for us to enjoy, including beautiful sunsets, trees, birds, flowers, babies and the faces of our loved ones?

There’s a song, “Above and Beyond,” by the McKameys. It talks about God and how He is glorious, magnificent, above all else.

When we try to describe how wonderful He truly is, words fail us; but in our hearts we can sing and worship His majesty.