The Moore American

November 26, 2013

Take a pause for thanks

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and with all the rush of getting the last pie baked, the turkey thawed and the last-minute shopping completed, there’s one thing that will make all the difference in your holiday season: A thanksgiving pause.

It doesn’t have to be long, just a moment or two. Of course, if you have 30 minutes, that would be sublime. The length isn’t as important as taking the time to stop your world and take a minute to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for everything He has done for you.

Some may feel nothing great happened during the past year, but one quick reality check will show there are plenty of reasons for which to be thankful.

Are you and your family members alive and well? Do you have a car? A job? Food on the table? Warm clothes to wear? Do you have four-footed critters that will thrill at the smells of Thanksgiving cooking and wait at your feet for just one tiny little taste as you carve your turkey?

For me, I’m so thankful for my husband, my son, my sisters and brother, family and friends, the gift of prayer and the gift of those who pray for me when I need extra help. It is an immeasurable blessing not taken lightly, and I’m thankful beyond words.

When I stepped outside yesterday the scent of autumn was in the air, dried leaves and crisp air. It jogged a memory of childhood days of jumping in mounds of leaves in the cool Wisconsin weather — carefree, full-filled days when everyone was still alive and well and family gatherings were so huge we had to seat two people per chair. Our dining room table sat 12 – so that meant 24 people often sat round our table during the holidays. Fantastic memories. Another reason to be thankful.

Of course we know most of the men are thankful for the great football games as well as good food. I think it pleases God that the men are thankful for these gifts, too.

So much to be thankful for; such grateful hearts.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with gratitude for all God has done for you and for the family and friends still able to celebrate this holiday with you, whether near or far. Thanks to iPads, iPhones, and Facetime, families can be together around the globe in just a few seconds. Another great reason to give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving.