The Moore American

January 9, 2013

Commissioners begin year with new member

By Joy Hampton
The Moore American

MOORE — Newly elected District 2 County Commissioner Darry Stacy’s first Board of County Commissioners meeting wasn’t a headline maker, but that didn’t matter to Stacy.

“I’m excited to be out at District 2,” Stacy said. “It’s a great group of guys.”

Stacy, whose district includes a sizable portion of Moore, seconded his first motion, voted his first “aye” of approval and signed his first purchase orders as a county commissioner. It was a routine start to a job that has become anything but ordinary in today’s time of turbulent politics and economic unrest.

Cleveland County is comprised of nearly 539 square miles. Those miles are divided into three districts, each under the care of a county commissioner.

In Cleveland County, as in counties statewide, commissioners are charged with overseeing the administration of the county’s business, maintaining county roads and bridges and maintaining the courthouse and numerous other county buildings.

Despite increasing administration duties, road maintenance still demands a large portion of a commissioner’s time.

“The road districts still are a big part of our jobs,” said District 1 County Commissioner Rod Cleveland whose disctrict also extends to Moore. “We assist the municipalities with the rural roads.”

As chair of the board this year, Cleveland has oversight of the county’s many buildings. Cleveland County is the third largest with a population of 255,755, according to 2010 Census Bureau figures.