The Moore American

October 16, 2013

God always the real deal

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — Several years ago when the first automated postal machines were installed in our local Post Office it was in the rush of the Christmas Season.  When we pulled into the parking lot we had to wait to get a parking space.  The doors were propped open by people and their packages.

As soon as we joined the group a man wearing a suit asked if we had tried the automated system yet.  Our reply was one word,  “No.”

“It’s easy. Let me help you. I’ll have you out of here in five minutes.” He was confident. We were not so sure, but the prospect of waiting in line for at least a half an hour was the deciding point.

“Sure, we’ll give it a try,” we said as we carried our three boxes to the station.

He was a Postal employee, sent from another state where they had been using the automated machines for almost a year. He measured our packages, entered the information, and true to his word, we were finished within five minutes.

He made it look so easy we decided from now on we would use the self-service machine and with working and the difficulty of getting to the Post Office before it closes it only makes sense to use this method.

It has worked well for us with one exception: stamps. At first the machine dispensed real postage stamps. Then they went to the stamps that are printed on labels.

Half the time the machine runs out of the label paper. When it has paper, the labels are printed on little stickers that are black-and-white. They are often difficult to get off the waxy paper.

They look phony. Like something anyone could reproduce with a good computer and a decent printer.

For years it has been fun to select “pretty” or special holiday stamps.  With the automated machine it gives you options of different patterns of stamps but they are still black-and-white, not the real deal.

When you purchase stamps, the machine asks if you want the “Forever” stamps.  When you do, it prints the word, “Forever,” on them which means the price of the stamp is good even if the price of regular stamps go up.

Someone told us we could purchase “real” stamps at a local grocery store. We purchased a book and we were pleasantly surprised. Flowers, yes, in color greeted us when the clerk handed them over. They were easy to peel off and brightened the envelope of the birthday card we wanted to send in the mail.

I’m so glad God isn’t like the postal machine and the “fake stamps.”  He’s the Real Deal.  He brings beauty into our lives and we can always count on Him. He won’t abandon us for some new-fangled project He’s working on. He’s always there, and according to Hebrews 13:8, He will never change.