The Moore American

June 12, 2013

Joplin pays it forward with supplies for Moore

By Jay Chilton
The Moore American

MOORE — Joplin, Mo., knows the devastation a tornado can create and Shelter Distribution has seen the destruction from the powerful storms first hand. Shelter Distribution and the people of Joplin, with the help of the Salvation Army, answered the call for help in Moore.

Peter Lippert, Shelter Distribution regional manager, said his company had trucks and equipment on site from the first day after the storms, moving supplies and unloading trucks with forklifts designed to be used off-road.

“There were trucks rolling in (with supplies) but no way to get the stuff off the truck,” Lippert said. “We have fork-trucks made to do that, so we took them down there. One of our (truck) driver’s wife is with the Red Cross, so we’ve been able to be involved from Day 1.”

Lippert decided to call Lt. James Curry of the Joplin Salvation Army with his idea. He wanted to use one of his trucks to bring needed items given by the people of Joplin to the victims of the tornadic storms in central Oklahoma in May. Curry was delighted by the idea.

“We wanted to do something for Moore,” Curry said. “This was our chance to thank Moore personally for all the love we received.”

Shelter Distribution collected donations from residents of the Joplin area with the help of the Salvation Army at their Joplin branch and sent the truck to Stillwater to pick up cleaning supplies from an associated company to donate in Oklahoma City. The Salvation Army set up a distribution point in the west end of Crossroads Mall and received the truck there.

“This hit close to home,” Lippert said. “Some of our people lost houses in the tornado, we still have a family in a hotel. We’re just glad we could do something.”