The Moore American

March 13, 2013

County drug round-up set

American Staff
The Moore American

MOORE — The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has set the annual spring prescription drug round-up.

Sheriff Joe Lester urges anyone who has any expired or unwanted medications in their homes to bring them to the Prescription Drug Round-up scheduled 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the following businesses:

· Homeland, 10700 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City.

· Homeland, 1251 Alameda Street in Norman.

· Homeland, 2600 W. Robinson Street, Norman.

· Crest Foods, 1315 N. Eastern Ave., Moore.

Deputies will be posted at each site to collect prescriptions. Once prescriptions are gathered, they will be taken to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and destroyed.

Lester established the drug round-up program in 2009 to help citizens rid their homes of old or excess amounts of medications. Prescription drug abuse can cause serious illness or even death.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is committed to programs that address prescription drug abuse and support ways to eradicate the problem.

“Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem in the state,” Lester said. “These round-ups give people a chance to throw out medications they no longer need without them ending up in the wrong hands.”

Round-ups are sponsored quarterly.