The Moore American

May 7, 2014

Remember all the thoughtful things we get from our mothers

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — Have you ever considered the similarity of mothers and florists? A florist lovingly cares for their flowers making sure everything is perfect. The temperature of the room, the space of the containers the flowers are kept in; the type of vase that is used and all the accessories needed to make the flower arrangement more beautiful.

Just like a florist, a mother selects the perfect theme for her baby, making sure that everything is perfect when that lovely little angel comes home from the hospital. For nearly nine months the mother has planned and prepared everything from the crib, wallpaper, paint, pictures, bedding and wall decorations.

As the child grows a mother will gently guide their child (or children) to blossom into a beautiful adult. A mother primps, prunes, cherishes, adores and pampers her children with all the love in her heart.

She will add beautiful clothing like a florist’s ribbon for the little girls, and for the boys she provides great sports equipment that is so important to making them into the athlete they wish to become.

When it is time to send them off to join the outside world, she makes sure they have everything they need in order to succeed. A little trimming here and there, a little tweaking and they are ready to face life as an adult.

With pride, the mother stands back, pleased that she was able to make a difference in this young person’s life and build strong character, inner peace and beauty.

It’s no wonder that on Mother’s Day, the number one gift given is flowers. On this Mother’s Day, may you remember your mother with flowers and appreciate all the years she spent making you into the beautiful person you are today.

For all of you mothers who sacrificed, stayed up all night, cried for us, prayed for us and who always was there with a listening ear; we thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day.