The Moore American

June 3, 2014

God’s own GPS

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — We are going to be doing some traveling and because we will be in areas we aren’t familiar with, we purchased a GPS navigation system.  My husband isn’t too keen about the device, but he graciously allows me to use it when I am driving alone.

It has some wonderful features, like finding the restaurants and shops in the area you are traveling through.  Most of you who have an iPhone or a car that is equipped with a GPS, already tout the benefits.

But there are a few setbacks even with the good things it has to offer.  Our son lives in a city in California that borders several other cities.  The device doesn’t recognize the city where he lives and it took savvy GPS programmers more than an hour to find a way to outsmart  the gadget; key in a city close by, and presto!  It finally located his address.

The device also has interesting variations of pronunciations for names of local businesses.  For JC Penney it calls out “Japenny) when you reach your destination.

In addition to this new device, we now have a vehicle with Bluetooth. It is a great hands-free system that is wonderful in states where it is unlawful to use your cell phone while driving.  Actually, we like it so much we use it as often as we can even when we are not traveling because it is much better than taking on the cell phone.

The voice recognition technology is not without challenges. If you are on a call and a passenger attempts to join in the conversation their voice is difficult to comprehend by the person on the other end of the phone. It works best when just the driver speaks because the main speaker is on the left side of the steering wheel (at least it is on our vehicle.)

Should your phone slide off the seat and fall to the floor, it creates background noise that makes it very difficult for the other caller to hear clearly and if you are driving, you can’t simply reach over and pick up the phone; you’d have to pull over, reach for the phone and place it close to you in order to get good reception for the call.

If you have a person on your contact list that has a cell phone, home phone, work phone or any other alternate number, you have to go through a series of saying “next entry” in order for it to dial the correct number, and even then rarely does it work smoothly.

I truly like my GPS system and Bluetooth in the car. I am directionally challenged and when I am in a new place the device has proven to be beneficial.

It is amazing that the GPS knows where you are — it can lock in on your location even though you turned around and got off the path it instructed you to take.

When you think about it, God has the monopoly on the GPS. From the beginning of time He has known where all of His children are at all times; He is there to give direction when needed, and offer instant help.

Think of all the billions of people in the world. It would be impossible to track every person, especially those in the deep uncivilized jungles — but God does.

It would be impossible for us to communicate without satellites, or other electronic devices, but God does it each and every day and He has done so since the beginning of time. Totally amazing.