The Moore American

August 27, 2013

Temporary hospital facility set to open in Moore in Nov.

By Joy Hampton
The Moore American

MOORE — A temporary hospital facility for Moore will open in early November, project leaders reported Monday at the Norman Regional Hospital Authority meeting. The facility will operate for two years while a permanent structure is built.

“This is not a trailer or a portable classroom. This is a facility that meets all life safety codes,” said Greg Terrell Sr., NRHS senior vice president. “This is a fully functional ED.”

Joplin also set up a temporary hospital following the EF-5 tornado that hit the Missouri town on May 22, 2011. Now that full-scale hospital facility is being disassembled. The same company will provide Moore’s temporary medical structure.

“A lot of our facility will come from Joplin,” Terrell said.

NRHS will lease its facility rather than buying it. Both the modular and the permanent facility serving Moore in the future will have tornado shelters.

The temporary facility will be on the southwest corner of the property near Telephone Road and Warren Theatre. It will consist of a series of interconnected buildings, and the interior will look like a real hospital.

The fully operational emergency department and supporting labs will include a CT scanner, X-ray system, chemistry and hematology analyzers and other clinical and non-clinical equipment. Transfer of electronic records from other sites will be seamless. If a patient received treatment at the HealthPlex in Norman and then is treated at the temporary Moore Medical facility, those records will be available.

Construction of the permanent facility will be ongoing while the temporary facility is in place.

“The site will accommodate both,” Terrell said.

The modular facility will be 200 feet long and 64 feet wide with 10,880 square feet of interior usable space. There will be a trauma room, seven fast-track rooms, an isolation room, a triage room and six treatment rooms as well as a lab, ultrasound, X-ray, CT and other supportive services.

The lab and other equipment will serve the emergency department and scheduled outpatients.

The long-range planning committee has met with Moore Focus Groups including meetings with a group of government, business, school and community leaders, two sessions with physicians and two sessions with Moore Medical Center employees.

Community feedback will be shared with the master facility planning group to guide design decisions for the permanent Moore medical facility.

In other health system business, flu vaccination for employees begins Sept. 16: Chief Financial Officer Ken Hopkins said patient volumes were up in July at the Porter campus and the HealthPlex.

“The month of July seems like it captured some volumes from Moore Medical Center,” Hopkins said. “Our net revenue was pretty strong.”

July had fewer tornado-related expenses, and non-operating income was good due to strong investment performance.

July net revenue was $27.6 million. Operating expenses were $27.4 million.

The Fiscal Year 2014 budget was delayed because of the tornado but is now ready and will come before Norman City Council members at the next available meeting.