The Moore American

August 28, 2013

God loves all the colors

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — Four pre-school-age children were sitting around a table coloring.  “God’s favorite color is blue,” a little boy said.

“How do you know that?”  A girl in piggy tails asked.

“Easy.  Just look at the sky — it goes on forever and it’s blue. The ocean is blue and it’s huge, too. A blue jay is blue and so beautiful. So God’s favorite color must be blue.”

“I think God’s favorite color is pink,” another little girl said. “Every rainbow has pink in it and when the sun sets every night and rises every morning, God puts pink in the sky to let us know that’s His favorite color. Besides, my Mom said she just knew God’s favorite color was pink when Daddy gave her some pink roses. She looked at them and smiled and said these came right down from heaven.”

“Well, I happen to think God’s favorite color is green,” a little boy said as he colored the grass in his coloring book green. “God made different colors of green, light green; dark green, mint green, even the Evergreen tree so we would know it would last forever. Trees, leaves, grass and even some water is green. So I think God’s favorite color is green. To prove his point, the little boy used every color green in his crayon box on his picture.

“I know God’s favorite color is yellow,” a small quiet girl with golden yellow hair announced. They all looked at her picture and everything on her page was colored in the same color:  yellow.

“Well, we know your favorite color is yellow, but why do you think that’s God’s favorite color?” someone asked.

“That’s easy. The sun is yellow; buttercups are yellow, and just like pink, yellow is in every rainbow. Besides that, God made my new puppy yellow, so His favorite color is yellow.”

The teacher listened quietly until all talking stopped. “You are all correct,” she said.  “God loves blue, pink green and yellow.  In fact, God loves colors so much that he made hundreds of different colors for us to enjoy.”

“Then why are there only 64 colors in the Crayola box?” the boy who liked the color blue asked.

“Could you imagine how big the box would be if they put every color in the world inside one box?  You’d never be able to lift it, it would be too heavy,” the teacher responded, hoping that would satisfy the children.

“When I get to heaven I’m going to ask God what His favorite color is and then we’ll sit together and color everything that color,” the little girl with the yellow hair declared.

“I think that’s a lovely idea,” the teacher said as she reached for a purple crayon, and then asked, “I wonder if God’s favorite color is purple?”