The Moore American

December 5, 2012

Remember to let your Christmas light shine

The Moore American

MOORE — This past Sunday was the first Sunday in Advent. With this in mind, off to the internet my fingers flew in search of the history of the Christmas wreath.

In the 16th Century, Christians celebrated their Advent of Hope in Christ by displaying a wreath.

A further online search revealed the World’s Largest Christmas Wreath. It was made in 2008 by Carolann Naugle of Nova Scotia. It was 251.9 feet in diameter.

It took her 100 days just to build the metal frame. She cut 3.5 tons of brush and transported it to the site. The final assembly took a week of intense work and wound up costing her $5,000 to make. She was intent on gaining the Guinness World Record for the largest wreath and she accomplished her goal.

It is not uncommon to see Christmas wreaths adorning the doors of houses during the Christmas season. Holiday enthusiasts have carried it a step further by displaying wreaths on the front of their cars and trucks. Some are even equipped with lights.

Interesting tidbits also were revealed online such as what was the best-selling Christmas song? Bing Crosby’s White Christmas came out on top.

The most valuable Christmas Card was sold at an auction in the UK in 2001 for $20,000.00. The card was hand-colored by illustrator John Calcott Horsely. The card was originally sent by Sir Henry Cole of Bath to his grandmother in 1843.

You may not have the World’s Largest Christmas Wreath, or the most expensive Christmas Card, and you may not have written or recorded the World’s Best-Selling Christmas song, but in your small corner of the world you can brighten your door with a Christmas wreath. All who pass by will delight in celebration of the birthday of Our King.

Your cards may be purchased from Hallmark, but to the receiver, they are like precious gold. Especially for the homebound. They look forward to reading every card and displaying each and every one.

While you put up Christmas decorations or send out Christmas cards, know that you are doing your part to spread the Christmas Spirit and the Joy that this season brings will glow in your heart.

Wanda Billbe is a regular contributor to The Moore American