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December 5, 2012

Recycle Moore honored

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The Moore American

MOORE — The National League of Cities recognized 27 selected programs from 21 cities and towns nationwide as successful initiatives demonstrating effective and collaborative approaches within government.

Recycle Moore’s “Take Us To Your Litter” campaign will be highlighted during the 2012 NLC City Showcase at this year’s Congress of Cities and Exposition.

The campaign, produced by Trifecta Communications, encourages residents to bring recyclables to the Moore Recycle facility to help visitors from another planet. These out-of-this-world visitors — called Mooretians — need the materials to fuel their ship and return home safely.

The Showcase is NLC’s premier program celebrating city achievements. During the conference, representatives from these programs will engage in networking and knowledge sharing about implementation strategies, successes and lessons learned. Trifecta Communications will be represented in Boston by the company’s Vice President Brian Wall.

This year’s programs were selected for their innovative practices. An emphasis also was placed on initiatives that align with the conference programming: Promoting Strong Local Economies, Building Sustainable Communities and Strengthening Neighborhoods and Families.

“We are very happy and proud that the Recycle Moore campaign is being honored at the City Showcase. It’s incredible to see the momentum achieved when you combine a great idea with a great client like the City of Moore. Especially when that client is willing to try something a little different than the norm,” said Trifecta President and CEO Brent Wheelbarger.

The 2012 City Showcase was held in Boston, MA, Nov. 28-Dec. 1.

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