The Moore American

April 2, 2014

Rodriguez family’s lawyer attempting to make deal

By Michael Kinney
The Moore American

MOORE — The family of Luis Rodriguez is still waiting to see critical evidence relating to his death more than a month ago. But according to the family lawyer, Michael Brooks-Jime’nez, they may be one step closer to making that happen.

Rodriguez died Feb. 15 after an altercation with three members of the Moore Police Department and two off-duty Oklahoma game wardens working private security at the Warren Theatre. On hand were his wife Nair, and his 19-year-old daughter, who witnessed the entire episode.

“At this point, the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) is interested in taking a statement from our client (Nair),” Brooks-Jime’nez said. “What we’re trying to do is get a copy of the Warren Theatre video before we give that statement. So there are some informal talks going on between us and them to get those two things situated.”

The MPD collected the security video from the theater during its initial investigation. But when they turned the investigation over to the OSBI, they gave them the video also.

Since then, the MPD and OSBI has not allowed the Rodriguez family to see any portion of the security video, according to Brooks-Jime’nez.

“The OSBI has not really given us a reason,” Brooks-Jime’nez said. “But when we had asked the Moore Police Department, they couldn’t give it to us because they thought it would interfere with the OSBI’s investigation. The police officers, they had a chance to be able to view the Warren Theatre tape before talking to the OSBI. We think it’s only fair we should have a chance to review it as well.”

Brooks-Jime’nez said he has not heard back from the OSBI yet about letting them see the video before they talk to Nair Rodriguez. But no matter what the OSBI’s response is, it’s unlikely any meeting will take place for at least three weeks.

“Mrs. Rodriguez is going to go back to Puerto Rico,” Brooks-Jime’nez said. “Just for a couple of weeks to get a chance to get away for a little bit. She will be leaving probably next Friday. I anticipate it’s going to be when she comes back.”

The Rodriguez family is still waiting for the autopsy to be completed on Rodriguez. According to Amy Elliot of the office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the case it still pending.