The Moore American

April 17, 2013

The benefits of being Christian

By Wanda Billbe
The Moore American

MOORE — It is not unusual for large companies to offer great perks. Among the common is a great insurance benefit package with little or no cost to the employee.

Then there are the typical perks of employee discounts on phones, rental cars, dry cleaners, hotel lodging, apartment rentals, computer purchases, auto repair and discounts on tax preparation.

If you are one of the lucky people to have landed a position in the Silicon Valley in California, the perks are out of this world.

A company with 250 employees provides every full-time worker the option to have their homes cleaned twice a month — for free.

Another business in the Silicon Valley offers free take-home dinners and helps find last minute babysitters when your child is too sick to attend school.

A consulting firm offers back-up assistance for the care of an elderly parent or grandparent. They also offer personal trainers, nutritionists and counseling services free to their employees.

One high-tech company offers free food in their impressive food court, dry cleaning services and an added bonus of $500 for new parents and fresh fish delivered to the office every day for the employees to take home.

Some of these companies allow families to come during the evening hours and eat free in their food court when employees work late. They also provide a $3,000-per-year child care benefit.

Other major companies offer free health club memberships for employees and their families. Their outlook is the healthier the employee, the less they will use their medical benefits.

Being a Christian has marvelous benefits. The first is eternal life. Then there’s the added benefit of spending eternity in a mansion prepared just for you and streets paved with gold. Awesome.

While here on earth, you have the benefit of going to Our Heavenly Father in prayer any time of the day or night, knowing He hears and will answer your prayer.

You have the confidence that you are never alone; that He is always with you. No one else can offer that promise.

Then there’s the promise of peace, joy and happiness, no matter what situation you face.

The Great Physician is standing ready to provide healing whenever you need it, at no extra charge.

Unconditional love, even when you don’t deserve it, and a friend who will stick by you to the end.Of all the perks big companies have to offer, they can’t begin to compare.