The Moore American

April 17, 2013

Good parenting

The Moore American

MOORE — Dear Readers,

In light of the recent tragedy in Steubenville, Ohio, we just want to reiterate how important it is to always know who your kids are with, what they’re doing and where they are. We feel that all male and female students should see the short YouTube video put out by students at the University of Oregon.

As we have mentioned before, some parents allow under-aged children to consume alcohol in their homes. We are hoping parents who allow this will realize the seriousness and tragic possibilities that could occur. You are not your child’s friend — you are the parent.

Please don’t be naïve and think these situations can’t happen to you and your family.

Q: My oldest daughter is a senior in high school, and she has told her dad and me that a group of her girlfriends are going to get a hotel room after the prom. She has been invited to join them. We are not entirely comfortable with this and just wondered what your thoughts are. Are we being too old-fashioned?

— Jan,Oklahoma City

Dear Jan,

This is a difficult question to answer because all kids, and combinations of kids, are different. We realize this is a popular thing to do. Do you know these friends and their parents? Is there a deposit required at the hotel? Will anyone check on them? If they aren’t of legal age, who is reserving the room for them? Will there be alcohol?

We have known many students over the years who have done this and had a great time. There are those who would abuse the privilege. You said this is your oldest daughter, and we are assuming your oldest child. Remember that whatever you do will be setting a precedent.

You also said you and Dad aren’t really comfortable with this plan, and we feel you should always follow your instincts. You have them for a reason.

Perhaps a solution would be for a few parents to also get rooms and stay in the same hotel to make sure guidelines are followed. Not that anything of the same caliber will happen, but we hope you read the paragraph about Steubenville, Ohio.

Please send questions to questions.classact@gmail. com. Sally and Jeannie are certified school counselors. The responses presented don’t necessarily reflect the views of any certain school district.