The Moore American

October 31, 2012

County approves gas pipeline

By Jessica Bruha
The Moore American

MOORE — The Board of Cleveland County Commissioners approved the installation of a six-inch gas pipeline on a county right of way Monday.

The pipeline will cross 192nd St. approximately 450 feet north of Moffat Road. It will be a permanent pipeline, below ground. The board raised concerns in a previous meeting about a permit from the same company, West Star Operating Company.

In the previous meeting, the company wanted to get a permit for a temporary, above-ground pipeline. Commissioner Rusty Sullivan said he was concerned about the safety issues involved with an above-ground pipeline.

In other business, the board also approved the design of a county flag. The flag will be green with the county seal on it.

“A couple years ago we created a county seal after not having a county seal for over 100 years,” said commissioner Rod Cleveland.

Commissioners also discussed having a tag line on the flag but ultimately decided the county seal on the green background would be enough.

“A tag line we can put on everything else,” Cleveland said.

Commissioners also approved a contract between the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and Elizabeth P. Jones for Nov. 1, 2012, through March 31, 2013. The services include training of incarcerated women, complete mental health overviews and maintaining program evaluations.

The cost of the services is $3,465 per month to be paid semi-monthly. The services are for the Second Chance Act Program (SCAP) that can help non-violent offenders re-acclimate into society.

Undersheriff Rhett Burnett said there is a criminal alien assistance grant that will cover the cost of the program for the next six months.

Cleveland said he believed there was legislation passed last year that opened up some alternative sentencing or rehabilitation options that would help. Sheriff Joe Lester said they have been working with the trustee on it but it will not be effective until January.

Also on the agenda was a consideration of claim from Katie Boykin for reimbursement from damage to a redbud tree on the Etowah Road project in the amount of $200. The item was approved.

Sullivan said the tree was damaged during the construction of the new right away and the state will be paying for it. The issue was handled back in the summer but paperwork is just now catching up he said.