The Moore American

May 8, 2013

A gift for mom

By Wanda Billabe
The Moore American

MOORE — If my mother were alive today, she would be celebrating Mother’s Day as a 90-year-old.

A perfect gift for her would be a cell phone because she loved to talk to her sister in California every day. Cell phones today offer unlimited mobile-to-mobile, so basically their calls are penniless.

On the other hand, teaching a 90-year-old and a 93-year-old how to use cell phones would be challenging at best.

An iPad would be an ideal gift. My mother could Facetime with my aunt and it would be as if they were sitting in the same room together. Technology is so wonderful. 

OK, so using the iPad can be a little stressful if you aren’t computer savvy. It may prove to be a little too advanced for the 90-plus generation.

We could always get a laptop and they could go on one of the programs like Skype. The screen is bigger and might be easier for them to see each other.

  On second thought with the vocal delay on Skype, they’d probably be interrupting each other constantly so this wouldn’t work.

Flowers. The good ole’ standby. You can never fail with flowers. Her favorite was pink carnations.

Clothing is always an option, only how many clothes does a 90-year-old woman need? I look in my closet and ponder this … when I’m 90, I will still need three closets, so I guess the clothing suggestion is answered.  It’s a go.

Fruit baskets are great.  With a click of your mouse you can order them online and have them delivered just in time for Mother’s Day. 

Take Mom out to lunch. (Dinner for 90-year-olds can be a little too much.) Chinese was her favorite. Then, of course, dessert is mandatory. Always order an extra amount so she can munch on it the rest of the week. French Silk pie was at the top of her list. Easy fix.

There’s nothing too good for God’s special gift to us — mothers.