Real estate transactions as recorded in the office of County Clerk Tammy Howard.

Lot 6, Block 1, Williamson Farms Addition, $168,000, Seller, McHughes Enterprises LLC, Buyer, Terri L. Luke.

Lot 10, Block 19, The Legacy, $246,643, Seller, Renaissance Custom Homes LLC., Buyer, Jacobs Family Trust.

Lot 3, Block 50, Regency Park, 119,000, Seller, ANS Servicing LLC., Buyer, Trenton J. Otto.

Lot 1, Block 3, Villas at Briarwood Creek, $170,000, Seller, Design Development Services Inc., Buyer, Paul Suzanne Clyburn Revocable Trust.

Lot 5, Block 7, Cascata Lakes, $490,000, Seller, Tyler G. and Marie G. Grider, Buyer, Joseph K. and Kelly D. Cox.

Lot 1, Block 4, Castlerock Addition, $190,000, Seller, Elmo Speare Revocable Living Trust, Buyer, Steven M. and Rosalie C. Maltby.

Lot 2, Block 10, Woodslawn 2nd Addition, $126,000, Seller, Ryan Hunt and Evan Mayberry Hunt, Buyer, Jim and Dlores June Billington.

Lot 1, Block 3, Villas at Cascata Lakes, $188,000, Seller, Michael Winters, Buyer, David and Xue VanNess.

Lot9A, Block 4, and Lot 9B, Block 4, Winnfield II, $121,000, Seller, Joy S. Clarke Trust, Buyer, Jason E. and Valorie N. Wilson.

Lot 9, Block 5, Blue Stem Ridge Addition, $150,000, Seller, Ronnie K. and Denise McCasland, Buyer, Ryan A. Garcia and Amanda S. Billinger.

Lot 25, Block 12, Williamson Farms Addition, $246,000, Seller Stone Creek Homes LTD., Buyer Anh L. Nguyen and Zinnia H. Nguyen.

Lot 3, Block 2, Fleshmans Country Living Addition, $217,250, Seller, Sundstrom Alice Ruth Revocable Trust, Buyer, Gary R. and Tricia M. Davenort.

Lot 26, Block 20, Lot 27, Block 20, Lot 28, Block 20, Waggoners Addition, $210,000, Seller, Parvinder and Shelly A. Singh, Buyer Christopher A. Jackson.

Lot 2, Block 3, Smoking Oaks South, $300,000, Seller, Daniel K. and Louise P. Jones, Buyer, Dvid Brent Hendrix and Jennifer Page.

Lot 8, Block 2, Castlerock Addition, $170,000, Seller, Bryan A. and Shalmarie J. Arlington.

Lot 1, Block 2, Carrington Place, $235,000, Seller, Karin K. Keller and Harold R. Wesson Jr., Buyer, Bryan and Shalmarie Arlington.

Lot 3, Block 2, Teumseh Meadows Addition, $125,000, Seller, Justin E. and Sarah Copeland Wagner.

Lot 9, Block 1, Berkeley Addition, $175,000, Seller, Sidika G. Wilderom, Buyer, Margo M. Loflin.

NE Quarter, Section 17, T10N, R3W., $550,000 , Seller, Fine Foods Inc., Buyer Western Market Place LLC.

Lot 5, Block 1, Estates of Belmar, $120,000, Seller, Gregory C. and Monica Best, Buyer, Dale and Linda Hageman.

Lot 41, Block 15, Williamson Farms Addition, $222,900, Seller, Red Door custom Homes LLC, Buyer Chrystle S. Brisco and Tyler Hamilton.

Lot 34, Block 33, Winfield II, $149,900, Seller, Kalidy Homes LLC, Buyer, Staci K. and Stacy E. Thornton.

Lot 12, Block 6, Pepperwell Oaks, $251,697, Seller, 4 Corners Construction LLC., Buyer Mark M. and Kimberly M. Marshall.

NW Quarter, Section 4, T10N, R4W, $315,000, Seller, Mark and Annabell Wedding, Buyer, Prudential Relocation Inc.

Lot 4, Block 7, Rio De Bella Addition, $312,000, Seller, Beck & Kristen Wilcox, Buyer, Brent and Kellie Ophus.

Lot 10, Block 2, Rio Toscano, $243,900, Seller, New Homes LLC, Buyer, Michael Tole.

Lot,1, Block 1, Villas at Briarwood Creek, $211,400, Seller, Southwest Homebuilders Association Inc., Buyer, Eugen Atkinson.

Lot 7, Block 3, Quail Ridge, $124,500, Seller, Eddy H. Evans, Buyer, Casey J. and Hannah L. Haynes.

Lot 22, Block 3, Southridge, $103,000, Seller, Randy and Traci J. Underwood, Buyer Dustin Ryan Vannoy.

Lot 1, Block 52, Winfield II, $175,000, Seller, Tom Able 2011 Custom Homes LLC., Buyer, Fred Pena.

Lot 2, Block 28, Country Place Addition, $210,297, Seller, Ideal Homs of Norman LP., Buer Michael J. and Dena M. Phillips.

Lot 2, Block 1, Santa Fe Commercial Park, $140,000, Seller, Southwest Fourth and Santa Fe LTD., Buyer, Psych Ward LLC.

NW Quarter, Section 18, T10N, R2W, Charleston Heights Ind. Tr. $450,000, Seller, SDF Properties LLC., Buyer WPM Properties LLC.

SE and NE Quarters, Section 35, T10N, R1W, $165,000, Buyer, Bobby V. and Anna L Shelton, Buyer, Harold E. Nicholson.

Lot 9, Block 2, Rio Toscano, $188,500, Seller, Woods United Homes LLC., Buyer, Sandra Sansford.

Lot 5, Block 1, Apple Valley, $115,000, Seller, Timothy Eugene and Jessica L. Berry, Buyer, Lucretia Camacho and Doris E. Stanfield.

Lot 11, Block 27, Stone Meadows East, $141,500, Seller, Christopher Daniel and Crystal Danelle West, Buyer, SC Property Management LLC.

Lot 15, Block 13, Vinehaven, $250,000, Seller Gregory A. and Katie E. Greene Living Trust, Buyer, Matt and Julie Porter.

Lot 12, Block 2, Cambridge, $125,150, Seller, Bank of America, Buyer, Jimmey and Barbar Jones.

Lot 6, Block 1, Boyds Landing, $161,900, Seller, Michael D. and Mary C. McIlvoy, Buyer, Donna L. Huntman.

NE Quarter, Section 8, T6N, R1W, $122,000, Seller, TP Homes Inc., Buyer, Brant and Marylee Shumate.

Lot 27, Block 1, Willow Brook Addition, $140,000, Seller Robert P. and Athaliah DeNegri, Buyer, CA McCarty Construction LLC.

Lot 12, Block 1, Woodcreek Addition, $125,000, Seller, Alan P. and Juliette T. Dalhed, Buyer, Joshua F. Lesher.

Lot 3, Block 3, Forrest Brook, $207,390, Seller, McAlister Construction Inc., Buyer, Fulton Wright.

Lot 5, Block 5, Park Addition, $115,000, Seller, Jay Don Lowe, Buyer, Joshua E. and Kate Hard.

Lot 1, Block 21, Talavera, $219,307, Seller, Harbor Homes Inc., Buyer, Peter C. and Brenda J. Burke.

Lot 13, Block 5, Rockport, $269,000, Seller, Robert S. and Charlotte Ryan, Buyer, Fredrick Scott and Kelli E. Gaston.

Lot 4, Block 7, Featherstone Addition, $153,198, Seller, Ideal Homes of Norman LP., Buyer, Corey D. and Karen Cornish.

Lot 11, Block 70, Greenbriar Eastlake Estates, $145,000, Seller, Mat and Julie Porter, Buyer, Lucas S. Qualls.

Lot 13, Block 3, Meadow Run 3rd Addition, $153,198, Seller, John C. and Tara L. McKinney by Attorney In Fact, Buyer, Andrew B. and Cori Stephens.

Lot 4, Block 28, Country Place Addition, $176,500, Seller, Ideal Homes of Norman, Buyer, Michael Patrick and Cynthia Kay Dusky.

Lot 4, Block 2, Summit Valley Addition, Seller, Diamond Homes Inc., Buyer, Michael D. and Mary C. McIlvoy.

NW Quarter, Section 32, T10N, R1W, $274,000, Seller, Jerrel L. and Nancy A. Puckett Living Trust, Buyer, Lionel Isamu and Cynthia S. Stevens.

Parts of Section 12, T9N, R1E, $138,500, Seller, Marry F. Doussett and Joel and Vickey Y. Crane, Buyer TDS Investments LLC.

Lot 7, Block 2, Castlerock Addition, $215,000, Seller, Robert A. and Bonnie J. Ochsner, Buyer, David John Stevenson.

Lot 13, Block 14, Lake Woods, $219,900, Seller, Bradley Manning and Jennifer Manning, Buyer Edwin K. Smith.

Lot 17, Block 6, Country Place Addition, $143,000, Seller, Shaun and Rhoda R. Ford, Buyer, James Cameron and Whitney Lynn Jones.

Lot 7, Block 29, Country Place Addition, $177,621, Seller, Ideal Homes of Norman LP., Buyer, Vincent D. and Haley M. Gannon.

Lot 4, Block 3, Greenleaf Trails Addition, $162,846, Seller, Ideal Homes of Norman, Buyer, Clois S. and Lisa M. Weaver Jr.

Lot 12, Block 8, Willows Addition, $327,812, Seller, Landmark Fine Homes LP., Buyer, Jack O’Brian and Phyllis A. Poe.

Lot 5, Block 4, Williamson Farms Addition, $152,500, Seller, Florida Construction Inc., Buyer, Vince C. Truong.

Lot 5, Block 2, Carrington Place Addition, $212,000, Seller, James David Meeh, Buyer Teri L. Cothren and Sammie L. Newport.

Lot 9, Block 15, Santa Fe Sunset, $205,000, Seller, Vericrest Financial Inc., Buyer Tam Tran and Dominic P. La.

Lot 11, Block 4, Lot 12, Block 4, Golden Acres, $145,000, Seller, Johnl Lee Edwards, Buyer, Ronnie M. and Dena M. rawson Revocable Living Trust.

Lot 3, Block 11, Cambridge, $170,000, Seller, Dane J. and Rita G. Secrest, Buyer, Jimmie C. and Joann D. Fugate.

Lot 24, Block 11, Williamson Farms Addition, $250,000, Seller, Richmond Signature Homes LLC., Buyer, Andrew J. and Dana S. Hartington.

Lot 3, Block 1, Quail ridge, $132,000, Seller, Doug and Erica George, Buyer, Jeremy and Teri Swarengin.

Lot 24, Block 16, Westmoor Addition, $130,000, Seller, Philip L. and Carolyn S. Meritt, Buyer, Jamye D. Hall.

Lot 7, Block 91, Greenbriar Eastlake Estates, $165,000, Seller, Antonio D. and Joann Bustos Jr., Buyer, Jerone A. Smith.

Lot 20, Block 11, Fountains, $310,000, Seller, Lance and Stephanie Shree Hansen.

Lot 7, Block 5, Springwood Estates, $112,500, Seller, Chris A. and Kristi D. Hall, Buyer, Blake Roy McCartney.

Lot 2, Block 5, Turtle Lake, $310,000, Seller, Home First Inc., Buyer, Randy D. and Erica D. Grissom.

Lot 22, Block 1, Royal Oaks Addition, $145,000, Seller, David Lee Harris, Buyer, Mary Jane Cobb.

Lot 5, Block 2, Village Estates Addition, $116,000, Seller, William J. Daves and Brynn A. Westendorf.

Lot 12, Highland Business Park, $600,000, Seller, J. Russel Investments, Buyer Mesa Management Group LLC.

Lot 10, Block 1, Trailwoos Addition, $146,500, Seller, William F. and Janice R. Haden, Buyer, LeslieF. and Daniela A. Renner.

Lot 18, Block 3, Eastmoor Addition, $119,900, Seller, Lester S. and Monica L. Bush, Buyer, Stormy K. Swindell.

Lot 53, Block 1, Northridge Addition, $169,900, Seller, Steve Harrington Blue Ribbon Homes Inc., Buyer, Johnathan Michael and Kara Whitson.

Lot 5, Block 3, Hickory Creek Addition, $143,150, Seller, James Daniel Pederson, Buyer, Mark Pierce.

Lot 1, Block 1, Strawberry Lake, $1,600,000, Seller, AgreeLP., Buyer, Pioneer Library System Board of Trustees.

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