A recipe for survival of the body and soul

Too many chefs may spoil the pot but not for Kevin Snook, author of the new book, "A Boy After the Sea: An Untold Story."

Snook gathered recipes from 14 different countries and 28 international chefs, including Heston Blumenthal, David Hawksworth, Alice Waters and Charlie Trotter.

Like conventional cookbooks, "A Boy After the Sea" is filled with pictures and recipes for chefs, beginner to advanced. But what sets this book apart from the rest is its touching tribute to Snook's young son, Daniel.

While working on a commercial fishing boat, Dan was sexually abused. Unable to reconcile with life after the abuse, Dan's life ended at the age of 19 after a three-year battle with drugs and depression.

Dealing with grief, Snook vowed to make sense out of his son's tragedy. With more than 30 years experience as a chef, Snook approached friends both old and new to create this book. Filled with mouth-watering recipes, "A Boy After the Sea" includes:

· Fish and seafood recipes from chefs with their own distinct twist

· Photographs sure to get your taste buds popping

· Problems regarding sustainable fishing and fish farming

· Innovative solutions for safe and respectful fish farming

· Ways to support the Dan Snook Trust Foundation

"Taking the theme of water and food, the book is a visual experience bringing together the two elements," Snook said. "Brimming with delectable seafood recipes, "A Boy After the Sea" is a gastronomic delight sure to satisfy not only the appetite but also the soul."

"A Boy After the Sea" is available through www.bookstocooks,com and www.kitchenartsandletters.com/.

All proceeds from A Boy After the Sea will go to the Dan Snook Trust Foundation to help young people from all walks of life, who have suffered from drugs, alcohol or abuse. For more information visit http://dansnooktrustfoundation.com/.

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