Last Monday we watched the news that transformed the eastern states into a winter wonderland.

Holiday shoppers chatted while in line; their chorus -- "Glad it's not us."

Then Thursday came and with it over 12 inches of snow in parts of Oklahoma. Blizzard-like conditions made it difficult for holiday travelers to make it home.

The day after Christmas, while gazing out the patio doors at the snow drifts that were nearly three feet high, a multi-colored furry animal carefully made its way across our backyard.

Within just a few feet of the cement patio it looked at me. It was a huge cat, bigger than Garfield. Brown, golden and black angora with fur so long it hung beneath its belly like fringe. The cat outsized our dog by nearly three inches in every direction.

As soon as eye contact was made the cat froze in mid-step. Unsure of what my reaction would be, he looked at the snow then at the door, and at my dog, who finally noticed the furry intruder in our yard and barked like there was no tomorrow.

The cat placed one foot gingerly on the snow, testing it to see if he would sink. Sure enough, the powdery snow gave way and nearly covered his legs. He picked his paws up out of the snow, shook himself and darted off plowing through the snow after deciding the barking beast was a worse feat than the wet snow.

Just like the blanket of fresh snow we received -- welcomed or not; the New Year unfolds before us.

As we take each step into the future, we need not be afraid of what tomorrow may bring for we have a loving heavenly Father to guide us from above.

Several hours later I took another look at the backyard. The snow had started to melt and the ice on the holly bush shone like crystal as it caught a sunbeam.

May your paths this year be bright and beautiful, may the son shine upon your path and may your new year sparkle with joy at every step.

Happy New Year.

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