Tis the season to be jolly, except if you are a mail carrier. Ever since Thanksgiving, Christmas cards arrive at our house on a daily basis. They range from Victorian era to exotic (Santa on a beach with little elves fanning him.)

"Peace on Earth," "Silent Night," "Happy Birthday Jesus," they all have the same theme -- to wish everyone a happy holiday and to share joy.

I love the snow-covered scenes (because it's preferable to view snow on a card than to shovel it yourself.) The villages on the cards always look so quaint and peaceful.

It's a strange thought, but true, that there is something magical about snow at Christmas. It brings peace, almost as if it covers the ground with angel feathers making everything seem perfect.

When I was a child never a year went by without a white Christmas. Ole Bing Crosby obviously didn't live in Milwaukee, or he would never have crooned the song, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas."

Take a minute to ponder an interesting thought: what if Christmas was in July? The heat; the Santa's costumes; the sleigh; we'd all be in serious trouble.

The timing is perfect. Winter hasn't had its opportunity to make us homebound for days; the cooler weather is perfect for sipping hot chocolate beside an open hearth and everywhere you hear people talk of Peace on Earth Goodwill Toward Men.

Examine a nativity scene and take a closer look at the expressions on Mary and Joseph's faces as they gaze upon their newborn King. Peace fills the air and one can't help but feel peaceful as you look at the animals lying in the hay next to the manger.

This is the fourth Sunday in Advent -- peace.

If I could give every reader a Christmas Card, it would be a

"Hark the Herald Angels sing, Glory to Our Newborn King. Peace on earth and mercy mild."

This says it all in a nutshell.

May Peace find a way into your hearts this Christmas and last the whole year through.

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