There are days when we wish we could crawl under our bed and wait for the day to end. Nothing seems to go right and no matter how hard we try it only gets worse.

It’s not really our fault. Negativity has a way of growing like a fungus and before you know it, you succumb to its powerful pull.

A famous writer once said, “I try to write something every day. It’s a whole lot easier to edit bad writing than to edit a blank page.”

We’ve been given a blank page each and every day. It’s our choice how we fill the space, either with negative ramblings — dwelling on mistakes we made yesterday, or we can decide that today is going to be different.

Today we are going to be successful and happy.

OK, for all you techies out there, we’ll throw in a clean computer screen or a clean screen on your iPhone.

In Revelation, chapter 21, it talks about how God will wipe away all tears and make all things new.

Yesterday’s gone. Tomorrow is an eternity away.

Today is here and now and it is up to us to make use of the clean slate; to seize opportunities, forget our mistakes and go forward.

Great things are in store for us and I want to join you in taking advantage of every single good thing God sends our way.

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