The morning was damp and cold. Throwing back the covers lasted all of two seconds before snuggling under their warmth again.

The house was frigid. Sure enough, one check of the thermostat confirmed the chill: 64 degrees. 

In an effort to warm the house quickly, I turned it up to 72 degrees, took a hot bath and put on a warm sweater and pants. 

Thirty minutes later it felt just as cold as it did before the heater was turned up.  I added layers, a thick sweater and a warm pair of socks, and downed a cup of hot chocolate to get warm.

Two hours later the house was still cold. I told my husband I didn’t know what was wrong. I turned up the heater but it wasn’t working. We examined the thermostat. Sure enough, the temperature hadn’t changed. It was still 64 degrees, even though it had been adjusted to 72.

Then we looked closer. The heater wasn’t switched on. “Oh, I forgot, it was so warm yesterday I turned off the heater and it was over 70 degrees when we went to bed so I just left it off,” my husband said.

Feeling a little embarrassed, I admitted I never even thought to check to see if the heater was on. One flip of a switch worked a miracle. Instantly, warm air surrounded us, and it didn’t take long before we removed the extra clothing.

Prayer is kind of like the heater switch. It’s a very valuable tool for us to use given freely from the Heavenly Father. He leaves it totally up to us to use it and we can do this as often as we’d like to or just when big things happen, but the choice of when to use this powerful asset is ours.

We can struggle through a difficult time like we did with our heater, or we can pray and ask God to help.  Prayer: it’s like turning on the power switch. Try it and you will be amazed with the results.

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