"Your proposition may be good, but let's have one thing understood; whatever it is, I'm against it...and I've been yelling since we first commenced it; I'm against it."

-- Groucho Marx

MOORE -- There was no duck.

And the cigar was plastic.

But the resemblance was there.

And Groucho would not have been against it.

Because earlier this year, on Jan. 16, Westmoore High School students Tayler Jones, Lindsay Grummer and Leslie Lindsey joined more than 1,700 other Oklahomans at an Oklahoma City Hornets game to set a world record and raise money for charity in the process.

To seal the deal, the girls, along with the rest of the crowd -- who had all braved a mammoth ice storm -- had to don plastic glasses, complete with bushy eyebrows, plastic nose and mustache.

Think of it as about 1,700 people all channeling Groucho Marx.

"Yeah, it was pretty silly," said Tayler Jones. "But it was lots of fun, and we did set a record."

Taking their impromptu mustaches in stride, the girls -- all members of the Westmoore DECA club -- said they didn't really mind the glasses, eyebrows or even the mustache.

"We just didn't know who he was," Lindsey quipped.

For the record: "Groucho" Julius Henry Marx was an American comedian who worked with his four brothers -- Harpo, Chico, Zeppo and Gummo Marx -- in various theater productions and movies during the 1930s and 40s. The Marx Brothers, and later Groucho, himself, were wildly famous at the time. In the 1950s Groucho also hosted the quiz show "You Bet Your Life."

And Groucho's image -- cigar, glasses and greasepaint mustache -- became a cultural icon.

An icon that's apparently popular at professional basketball games in Oklahoma.

"OK, so I didn't really didn't know who he was," Lindsay Grummer said. "But I figured he did look something like what we were wearing."

Billed as DECA Goes Groucho Against Cancer, the girls, along with their glasses-wearing friends, helped to raise more than $2,275 for the Oklahoma Children's Cancer Association.

And be silly in the process.

"It (the event) had been planned for a while," Jones said. "But there wasn't as many people as we originally expected because of the icy weather."

Still, they did have enough for a world record.

And by the time the game ended Hornets fans, players and even their cheerleaders -- the Honeybees -- had put on their Groucho glasses.

"We decided last year to attempt to beat the world record for the most people wearing Groucho Marx glasses at one time," said Dawn Boland a member of the Midwest City High School DECA club.

Club members volunteered to organize the event and last May, the students applied for recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records in London.

"About 2,300 DECA members from around the state had planned to attend, but because of the ice storm, only 200 to 300 students actually participated," Boland said. "But the fans and players made up the difference."

The Hornets helped raise awareness by advertising the event on screen and telling the audience where to buy the glasses.

"It was really fun to look at the big screen and see all these faces with glasses and a mustache," Lindsey said. "But I probably won't wear it again."

That's understandable. Seriously, few 18-year-old girls look good with bushy black eyebrows and a mustache.

But for Jones, Lindsey and Grummer that willingness to spout facial hair -- at least during half-time -- paid off; they now have their place in Oklahoma history as a part of the crowd who nailed down the world record for the most people wearing Groucho Marx glasses at one time.

Yes, Groucho would have been proud.

Or at least he'd have said, "...that's the craziest thing I've ever heard."?

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