What if? What if Joseph went through with his initial plan to put Mary away privately, knowing he wasn’t the father of the baby?

What if Joseph had ignored the angel’s words that the child Mary was carrying was from God?

What if Mary decided she didn’t want the responsibility of bearing the Savior of the World?

What if the innkeeper hadn’t offered Mary and Joseph the use of the stable?

What if the shepherds on the hillside keeping watch over their flocks by night, rationalized with each other that the angels announcement only happened in their dreams?

What if the wise men gave up halfway through their journey, deciding instead that nothing was worth this long, exhausting trip?

Would you listen to what the angels told you?

Would you follow the star?

Would you offer shelter for a stranger and his wife?

As Christmas approaches opportunities present themselves for us to do good, and the question arises again: What if?

What if we purchase a ham for someone who is struggling financially just to make their Christmas dinner special?

What if we bought a present for a child who otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas?

What if we smiled at a stranger, brightening their day?

What if we shared God’s Love, expecting nothing in return?

What if this Christmas we made an extra effort to spread a little hope, peace, joy and love?

What if God looked down from heaven and said: “Well done my good and faithful servant?”

What if we treated every day like Christmas?

Wanda Billbe periodically contributes to The Moore American.

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