The ripple effects of the General Motors Assembly Plant closing won't likely be felt for many months. Benefits and salaries will continue long after the plant closes its doors next month.

But the anticipated long-term economic impact to central Oklahoma is troubling. That makes Wednesday's announcement that Boeing will invest about $100 million and employ more than 300 persons in a Midwest City industrial park more exciting.

The company will build three hangars to use in updating and modifying the fleet of AWACS plans for the Air Force. The maintenance center will eventually have up to 17 hangars and could employ 1,000.

Workers' salaries would be comparable to line workers at nearby Tinker Air Force Base, according to the company.

The announcement is a boost for Midwest City's economy and for all of central Oklahoma. When the GM salaries and benefits run out, it's good to know that another employer won't be far behind to provide some backup.

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