The first battle in the Congressional attempt to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will come less than two weeks after Thursday’s Supreme Court announcement.

Congressional Republicans, most of whom voted against the act in 2010, will vote on a repeal bill July 11. It will likely pass in the House where Republicans hold the majority.

However, it almost certainly will fail in the Senate where Democrats hold the majority.

Oklahoma, through its attorney general, was one of the states that joined in the Supreme Court battle. Gov. Mary Fallin and GOP lawmakers gambled on the court’s decision and turned down $54 million in federal money that would have set up an online health insurance exchange.

The state said it would set up its own exchange but failed to take any action during the last session, preferring instead to wait on the court’s decision. Some lawmakers now want to wait it out again, hoping a Republican presidency and control of the Senate could change the law’s course. We hope they don’t wait too long as Oklahomans could find themselves in troubling situations.

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