Norman Police Chief Keith Humphrey likes to tell citizens groups he can never have enough officers to watch the streets 24 hours a day. The key to community policing is to include the public in the process.

On Friday afternoon, residents of a northwest Norman neighborhood noticed something out of place at a neighbor’s vacant home. They alerted the police, who thwarted what turned out to be a burglary in progress.

Mr. Humphrey says all it takes is for residents to be alert, notice differences in neighborhoods, and carry a phone and notify police when something is out of place.

After a few hours of intense searching involving about 20 officers and an Oklahoma Highway Patrol helicopter, five individuals were arrested. None of that would have happened without a citizen noticing something wrong and taking the time to make the call.

Burglars and vandals often strike in the middle of the day. To them, it’s a job they go to, just like other jobs. The only difference is their gain is all at someone else’s expense.

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