The city’s often-criticized storm water master plan was up for a city council vote May 24, only to be derailed by a tornado that skirted the city and impacted thousands of neighboring residents.

That issue will be back on the agenda June 28.

Now, the controversial lighting ordinance that is opposed by some of the same residents was on the agenda for Tuesday night. That vote, too, was not to be. The thunderstorm that swept through the city cut out the lights — literally — at City Hall. The quick downburst of wind and rain flooded many city streets, mostly in the campus area.

It’s almost comical that both votes have been derailed by a spate of bad weather that brought some storm flooding and turned Norman into a true “dark sky” community.

Council members will pick the matter back up Tuesday night.

We’ve heard from more than a few council members who say it seems a higher power is trying to send them a message. We think it’s just a coincidence, but will certainly check the forecast before heading out to Tuesday night’s meeting.

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