The graphic illustrating the topic for this week's Community Dialogue shows a Paul Bunyan type figure holding a watering can over buildings with the question "How Should We Grow?"

It's appropriate that it doesn't ask, "Should We Grow?" The question is whether growth happens by chance or through long-range planning and a shared vision. Norman's quality of life, schools, arts and cultural events and growing business community will attract more residents.

Thursday night's meeting, the fourth such dialogue, features "Growing Smart and Sustainable." It follows an initial meeting in May, one on diversity in September and building neighborhoods last month.

The format will be a roundtable discussion about planning for Norman's growing community: What are we doing now to accommodate growth? What could we do better?

Norman will continue to grow. The sleepy college town that some of us remember no longer exists. But certain elements of that community still remain and are worth preserving for the next generation of residents. That's what makes Norman unique.

Certain political elements see the growth versus no-growth or smart growth as the number one issue facing Norman voters this

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the NHS Commons, 911 W. Main St. Child care is provided at Wilson Elementary if you call 364-1420 by Wednesday.

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