Estimates are that between a third and a half of our workforce heads north to work each morning. A trek up the interstate at rush hour would make one think that most of the city's residents have jumped in their cars and taken to I-35 at the same time each morning and night.

Norman's commuters usually shop here, bank here and their children attend school here. If they needed some form of social services, that would probably be here, too. Last year, the 30 United Way of Norman agencies provided 86,464 instances of service to Cleveland County clients.

That's why it's so important for commuters to become an active part of the local campaign and for them to designate Norman (7100) on their United Way of Norman pledge cards. The Pacesetters Campaign is going on locally and some Oklahoma City campaigns are starting, too. Norman commuters can help their hometown campaign by designating 7100 on their out-of-town pledge cards.

The overall campaign goal is $1.9 million and the Pacesetters' portion of the campaign is $950,000. It opens with the annual Day of Caring on Sept. 14 and runs to Nov. 11.

The big billboard on the interstate encourages commuters to "Give Where You Live." That small designation on a pledge card could mean the difference between fully-funded agencies and those that are stretched to deliver their services next year.

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