We’re happy Gov. Mary Fallin helped welcome former professional basketball player and now NBA commentator Charles Barkley to Oklahoma Thursday afternoon. He was here for Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs.

The clownish analyst had made disparaging remarks about Oklahoma but state officials had no trouble rising above that. They gave him a big horse to ride, a steak dinner from Cattlemen’s Cafe and a pair of personzlized cowboy boots.

It’s too bad the same greeting couldn’t have been made for the President of the United States when he came here this past Spring. The governor was on a spring break trip, the lieutenant governor was at a conference in Washington, D.C. and the legislative leaders left in charge said they weren’t asked to greet President Obama.

The task fell to Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, a Republican, who rose to the task.

If the President comes back, we hope someone will seize the opportunity and redeem the state’s image with a proper welcome.

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