The American flag printed alongside L.C. Young's obituary today is a fitting tribute to a World War II veteran from our corner of the world. He enlisted in the 45th Division in 1940 as a youngster and fought his way through Europe. Discharged in 1945, he served again during the Korean War and the Cuban missile crisis.

Mr. Young, who died this past week at his Norman home, years ago asked that this newspaper honor our nation's veterans with an American flag. He had seen it done in a veterans' magazine and wondered if the newspaper would follow suit.

It was a simple suggestion, one our editor willingly fulfilled. The number of remaining World War II veterans declines by more than a thousand per day. The flag caught on with other newspapers in our company and others throughout the country.

We're proud to honor Mr. Young and all of our nation's veterans with such a final symbol of respect.

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